Five Things to Do At Five AM…

This list had no particular order, this isn’t really a countdown. It’s more of a write down. I haven’t really thought about what I’ll write before hand so I guess I’ll see what one thru five will be as soon as my fingers touch this keyboard.


1. Writing- I don’t know if 5:00 am is the quietest time of the day but it’s pretty close to it, we’re not to the hustle and bustle of the morning. And we’re far enough removed from the night that all the street runners are sleep. The music coming thru my speakers just seems more crisp at 5:00 am. My thoughts are so clear, I can see every word and every sentence before I write it, a paragraph before I write it. I’m not big on sleeping, I try my best to avoid dreams. So writing at 5:00 am is usually how I get my day started.

2. Sex- I’m sure I could have chosen a more poetic way to write about having sex at 5:00 am but this is my blog and we’re all adults. Better than an alarm clock, better than a barking dog or squaking rooster, sex right before the break of dawn will not only wake you up but put you in the best mood ever. It’s something about the tangeled covers, the groginess, the half closed eyes and warmth of a body. All those things come together and at 5:00 am it gets real.

3. Jogging- This is the best time of the year to jog, the weather is cool and the humidity isn’t crazy. It’s dark so you have to be careful but park rapist are so 1998. Jogging isn’t on the same level as morning sex but a good run and a hot shower, some fruit and oatmeal… And you’ll be bouncing around all day.

4. Pillow Talk- Idealy you would want pillow talk to be with you and someone in a bed, i.e. pillow talk. But it could be a serious of early morning text about whatever. It could be her calling because she had a bad dream. It could be her calling because she’s horny. Or maybe it’s about Whataburger or Coffee, something silly and goofy. Pillow talk just makes sense on so many levels and at 5:00 am on a Monday morning I wouldn’t have loved anything more.

5.- Cleaning- Cleaning at 5:00 am sounds weird but when you think about it, it’s sort of perfect. Not just because you go to work feeling good about having a clean place but because you know you’re going to come home to a clean house.

This is very random before I go to work but I just had to get some thoughts off my mind. 🙂 for Walking Down the Aisle, my debut novel.

One thought on “Five Things to Do At Five AM…

  1. Great I love all of them and don’t really do any of them. lol. At 5 these days I’m getting the kids up and winding down. Been pulling all nighters and not by choice but cause I just can’t seem to sleep at night. Great post!

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