Three Words That Matter…

I was supposed to write something called Leather Boots, Purple Lace and Bite Marks but I just couldn’t get my head into it. Instead I want to write about words, three word phrases to be exact. It’s a simple concept and you’ll get it as soon as you start reading. I want to thank everyone that came to the book signing yesterday., Amazon Kindle and Nook is where you can find Walking Down the Aisle

I broke this up into two parts, is where you can find the second part.

I love you

I want you

I need you

I hate you

I Love You

Have there ever been three words that meant so much too so many people? We actually have a day that we celebrate love. Those three words actually mean more to some people than actions, I’m serious by the way. I know people that have broken up with their significant other because that person wouldn’t say the words, ‘I love you.’ I happen to think that’s a little silly but the truth is I miss those words.

If there is one constant about my writing and about who I am it’s that I believe we’re all different. People like to place us in groups and generalize one sex or one race but the truth is we all have our own personality and genetic makeup. So when I write I’m writing about myself in most cases, not all of mankind. Hearing the words ‘I love you,’ from someone is the equilivent of a symphony going off in my living room. It’s the equal of finding a hundred dollar bill in the dryer. If I had to give a scientific answer why; I don’t know if I could because the real answer is, it just makes me feel good.

I honestly remember the last time a woman told me she loved me in a romantic way. I literally remember the date and where we were, what she was wearing and how she was sitting when she said it. Looking back on it, I don’t even know if she meant it but I wanted to hear those three words so bad that I sort of just overlooked that aspect.

I love you is universal, in every language people understand that red heart on a t-shirt with the I and U. I’ve come to resent those three words because there are mornings when I wake up and wonder if they’ll be in a text message or email, on a voicemail. To some people ‘I love you,’ means very little. To me it means peace of mind.

I Hate You

Have you ever bought a soda, took one sip and then realized you didn’t want it anymore? Whether it’s a bottle or a can, you know now that’s open it’s going flat very soon. You may even force yourself to drink that carbonated goodness because that’s better than letting a perfectly good soda go to waste. Well my friends, ‘I hate you,’ is that soda that goes flat as soon as you open it.

Once those words are spoken they can never be taken back. Hate by definition is to dislike someone in an extreme and passionate way! How many times in your life have you really hated someone? I don’t mean your boss or a co-worker that ate your lunch. I don’t mean an ex that you just had a bad break up with. I’m talking hate to the point of it makes you sick to even be in the same room with that person. Hate that makes you smile when you know that person is in pain or suffering.

‘I hate you,’ are three words that I have used before but the thing is, looking back on it. I didn’t really mean them. Maybe in the moment I was hurt or upset but to dislike someone with a passion, to where I wanted to see them hurt? I’ve never felt that way for an extended period of time.

I hear athletes say they hate the other team. I’ve had women tell me they hate me, I’ve heard men say “I hate my baby mama!”  And all of them are simply confused because hate runs so much deeper than annoyance or mistrust. Hate is Palestine and Israel, hate is Romans and Gaul’s, hate is slave ships and my ancestors.

The words ‘I hate you,’ are not words any of us should utter on a serious level unless we’re willing to let those words consume our souls.   

I Need You

The best feeling in the world is to be needed. Need is an action, it’s a verb, need is appealing on so many levels because need is more than need. I’m a prideful man so I truly understand how much it takes out of me to tell someone I need them, which is why I don’t remember every saying it.

But… Having a woman tell you she needs you is almost as good as her saying she loves you. Because she trust you enough to be that open with you, to sacrifice her ego and ask for your help or your support or your time. Need has become financial in so many people’s eyes, when we think of the word need we automatically think of someone asking us for money or favors.

To me need can be so much more than that; I can need someone in my life for what they bring to me. For the stability they provide emotionally or mentally. They can need be for the man that I am, for the calm I give them. Need isn’t always about ‘what I can do for you,’ and that’s why we undervalue those three words.

Hearing a soft, fragile, voice say ‘I need you,’ warms my heart in a way that not many things do.

I Want You

Out of all the three letter words ‘I want you,’ is probably the one most people can identify with because it’s the rawest of the emotions. So instead of writing myself, I want to let Kels tell you what want is. This song sort of says it in its own way.

“All I Really Want”

Baby, we been knowing each other for a long,
long time for somethin’ like this to just go and break up everything.

[Verse 1:]
Here we are, just sittin’ here
Knowin’ we’re all alone
My Rolley’s lookin’ at me
Sayin’ it’s time to get it on
You know what I want
And baby, I know what you need
So stop hesitatin’, girl
And give your love to me.

All I really want is to love you, babe
Make your body feel like heaven, babe
I just wanna satisfy ya, babe
That’s all I want, that’s all I want
I just wanna give ya somethin’, babe
Just wanna keep it comin’, babe
I just wanna make you happy, babe
That’s all I want, that’s all I want.

[Verse 2:]
Though the fireplace is burnin’ marshmallows just right
To who it may concern
You won’t be comin’ home tonight
Body parts that he DON’T kiss
Girl, I will kiss for you
Just put this CD on the repeat
And let me pamper you.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3:]
Now the swimmin’ pool’s out back
Come on and skinny dip, baby
Eat breakfast in the morning
That’ll be complements of me
In the middle of the night
There’s no need for morning here
So hold your pillow tight
Cuz I wanna do it again and again.

[Repeat Chorus]

(Til the sun comes up)
Baby, we’ll be makin’ love
(And when the sun goes down)
Still we won’t have enough
Take this love to you
I will take care of all you need
Baby, lets asure
I just wanna set you free, free.

One thought on “Three Words That Matter…

  1. I recently had an argument over “I hate you”. The first time it was said it was said out of anger….but once its out there you can’t take it back. I don’t hate this person, I just don’t particularly like his ways and the way he treats me. Well obviously I hurt him but he didn’t say anything. The next time was not even an argument. It was more of how friends say something silly and you’re like OMG I hate you. No anger or anything but he held it so close to his heart, because of issues in his past, that it has caused problems. I wish I could take it back, but I can’t. Be careful of your words…you never know when or how it affects someone.

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