Four Signs Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend is really not Hood…

You tell him, “Pay your child support or I’m putting those people in your life.” He looks at you and starts to beg, “I’ll do better, I just have to find a job, you know it’s hard out here.” <– Your man is fronting with those Montrose tattoos, if he was really from the HOOD he would have said, “Hell, I have time, I don’t have money. Call them and when I get out I’m go whip your ass and whatever nigga is in here with you.” And he’s going to say it looking you dead in the eye.

You tell her, “Baby, ole girl saying she pregnant and the baby mine.” She says, “It’s okay, we all make mistakes but I just can’t be with you because I’ve lost the ability to trust you. But I’ll still be there for you two if he is yours.” <– What, lol… Your girl is not from the hood because if she was, “YOU DID WHAT?! YOU FUCKED THAT NASTY BITCH, THE WHOLE HOOD HIT THAT, THAT AIN’T YOUR BABY STUPID! WHAT’S HER NUMBER?! I’M CALLING RIGHT NOW!” That’s the response and she’s not going anywhere.

You tell him, “My brakes are fucked up, I need to get them fixed I think, do you know someone.” He takes you and the car to Brake Check or Sears or some chain place and you two wait the whole morning. Ummm no!!! You can’t be from the hood and not know a “shade tree mechanic.” “My car is fucked up, I think it’s my brakes.” <– “We have to stop by Auto Zone or Wal-Mart and get the brakes and a twelve pack of Budweiser but he go hook your shit up. And you better do that freaky shit tonight since I’m go be dealing with this shit all day.” That’s the standard response.

He asks you, “Where you get that new purse from? I haven’t seen it before.” She holds the purse and smiles, “A friend got it for me for my birthday, he’s just a guy I used to know from college.” He flips out, starts yelling and screaming about you taking gifts from other guys, lying to him, disrespecting him. “TAKE THE PURSE BACK NOW!” ß That’s not hood guy mentality. What he should have said was, “All you got was a purse, see if you can get some money out his ass. Or some shoes, something if he trickin.”



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