Her Sisters Keeper

“She’s my fucking sister!!! Every time I cum I think about the times we talked about you! Every time I feel you inside of me, I feel like I’m twisting a fucking knife in her back!!! How can you not feel that?! We both know how you feel about her!?” She was more hurt than upset, to be honest I didn’t even think she had these sorts of emotions.

I just sat on the bed, the towel around my waist, the drink in my hand. I was tired of feeling guilty. Tired of doing the right thing. But a part of me knew she was right.

“Are you just going to sit there?! Every time I see her I feel like shit! Can’t you understand that?! I’ve done some fucked up things to a lot of people, I’ve been selfish most of my life. But she’s always been there, even when she should have said fuck me! And now I’m doing this with you!”

They had a lot in common, the one thing I noticed the first time she stayed over was how comfortable she was naked. Maybe it was because her body was perfect or maybe she was just comfortable around me. Either way it was hard to listen to her with her flesh enticing me, teasing me.

“This is wrong.” I heard myself say it and I meant it but…

“We can’t keep doing this.” My voice wasn’t convincing.

 “I know.” She stood up and started to get dressed.

 She was single, I was single, there were no children at home. No mates to consider but this was still wrong. Or was it? I’d seeked her out, sent messages, flowers, found out where she would be and made it happen.

 Maybe she didn’t know who I was when the first night we met but it couldn’t have taken her long to realize. This started off as me getting back at her, as me wanting to hurt her. It started off with revenge, it was supposed to be a onetime thing.  But now it was more than that, she wasn’t her sister but she was a close substitute.

 They were the same woman but they weren’t, there were times when I would hear her laugh and think about the woman she shared DNA with. There would be times she would smirk or moan and I would see her face instead of her face but mostly she was her own woman.

 As much as I tried to make it about sex, about fucking, I couldn’t. Not now…

 She hurt me, she played me. I wasn’t a villain, this wasn’t a movie where I someone was going to get killed or stabbed in a parking lot. My biggest gift was my mind, my charm and in this situation it would be my biggest weapon.


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