Conversations Between Adults: Park, Ride and Rain


I used to love rain, I loved seeing it roll down the windows while I was sitting in my office, I loved sitting in a hot bath while it stormed and I especially loved rainy evenings. Sitting on my patio with a glass of wine and a good book, the rain falling, some sprinkling on my arm or my face every now and again. Rain and I had a damn good relationship, an intimate relationship. My boyfriend took a two year contract to work in Iraq as a contractor and hearing the rain, seeing the rain, more than anything it reminded me off all the times we made love with the sound of rain as our background.

Our bedroom, the patio, parks and parking lots while the sky was dark and there was no way anyone could see us unless they were really trying to. Those memories seem like a lifetime ago, he’s only been gone for six months and to say I’m going crazy is an understatement. Phone calls, Skype, email, we do it all but there is nothing that compares to hearing his key turning in the lock. Me pretending to be sleep and him pushing the covers back, sliding his hands up my legs and parting my thighs.

My pulse quickening and my body reacting, damn I love that man and I LOVED those moments. But that was then and this is now. He won’t be home for at least another six months and I’ve ran through about seven sets of batteries and two rabbits. I’ve never done drugs, I rarely drink outside of wine or a margarita here or there so addictions aren’t something I’m familiar with.

I could never understand withdrawal… but now, being without sex, without that magic stick of his, I was going through withdrawal something serious. And this damn rain wasn’t making it any better. It’s been coming down steady for the past week off and on and with every drop memories were flashing through my mind. Sending shock waves across my clit.

Don’t get me wrong, my man was more than just a big dick when it rains, he was also my chauffer and my protector when I needed him. And there were always two reasons I knew I wouldn’t be driving to work, the first was if it was storming, as much as I loved rain I hated driving in it. I was a New York girl born and bred; I didn’t even get my first car until I came to Houston and the second thing was if I knew I was going to be working late. He would drop me off at the park and ride in the morning and drive downtown to pick me up whenever I called to tell him I was ready. His job was a straight nine to five so he didn’t have to worry about crazy bosses throwing work on him at the last minute.

Sitting on the bench, my shoes wet, my hair wet, my umbrella lying at my feet having been destroyed by the wind all I could do was think about how I would be at home by now if he hadn’t taken that stupid job. I knew I’d missed the first couple of buses and even though it was barely seven the sky was almost pitch black. Something told me to drive this morning but the rain was just coming down too hard and I just knew I would be going home on time, at least that was the plan before my boss “insisted” that I finish a report he hadn’t mentioned once throughout the day.

So here I am, tired, hungry, horny and wet. In and outside of my clothes.

Looking at my cell and my dying battery life I realized something wasn’t right. The bus should have been here at least twenty minutes ago, this would be my last time doing this park and ride shit! The rain was starting to come down harder and my phone was officially dead now.

“God, why do you hate me?” I knew I was being dramatic but this was not a good day.

My office building was two blocks away, I could just go back there and call a cab but I would catch pneumonia walking in this stuff. I didn’t even know if payphones still existed and even if they did I had no change or no idea where to look for them. Waiting for the bus was my only option so I sat down and pouted, what else could I do without a phone.

Ten minutes later he walked up and as soon as he opened his mouth and I looked up I knew God didn’t hate me as much.

“Man, I thought I missed it.”

 He was sort of out of breath like he’d been rushing to get here, his shoes and the bottom of his pants were soaked, his briefcase was soaked but it was really nice leather, I would have left that at the office. The thing that got me though was him, his whole look. The first thing that came to my mind was that Usher song, “you remind me of a girl that I once knew.” He was no girl, he was fine and looked just like my first boyfriend. He was married and living in New York so I knew it wasn’t him but they say everyone has a twin.

“How long have you been waiting?”

The cheekbones, the height, the voice, this was freaky creepy. Oh shit, he’s talking to me, he’s talking to you girl, say something, Why am I talking to myself, talk to him, he’s looking right at me.

“I’m sorry, my mind was elsewhere. It’s been going on an hour now, I haven’t caught the park and ride in a while but I know it shouldn’t take this long and my phone died about ten minutes ago.” I smiled, I have no idea why I told him all that.

“An hour?! That’s not right, it’s supposed to come about every fifteen or twenty minutes. Let me look up the schedule to make sure we’re not both losing our minds. While he was looking it up I was studying him, the rain soaked his shirt and it was sticking to him. His definition was awesome. He looked up, his eyes were amazing or either I was just horny.

“There’s some flash flooding on a lot of the exit ramps so that’s probably why you haven’t seen any buses and there isn’t a lot of traffic. I guess I’ll call a cab, what park and ride are you at? We can split a fare.”

Why was he so comfortable with me, his entire vibe was one of someone that was use to giving orders all day. “I’m at the one off of 59 and Townsend.”

He smiled, we were both smiling too damn much with this storm around us. “That’s a hell of a coincidence; I’m at the same one.” It really wasn’t a coincidence, the bus stop we were at took us to Humble but I didn’t want to mess up the vibe. I hadn’t had a real conversation with an adult man in ages and I was enjoying the back and forth.

Houston was the sort of city that damn near shut down when it flooded even though in most cases the rain went away rather quickly but we decided to wait at a little restaurant while we waited for our cab. I liked the flirting and he was damn sure my ex’s stunt double but I felt more comfortable waiting in a public place anyway.

Two Hours Later

I was positive our cab had come and gone, his phone died about ten minutes after we walked into to this little Chinese place so there was no way for the cab company to call us but at this point it didn’t even matter. We were both quite intoxicated and quite relaxed, he was a transplant from D.C. and had family in New York; worked in the building across the street from mine and had a girlfriend that lived in Katy. He smiled when he talked about her and didn’t try and bullshit me, I liked that. Both our clothes were dried but my nipples were poking out of control because I was so cold and couldn’t stop staring at his lips.  

The more I drank the more I started to think about the good ass sex I use to have back in New York with my ex, I wonder could he eat pussy like him? I placed my head in my hands, I had a man, my thoughts were running wild. This pussy of mine was betraying me, “down girl!”

“You okay, the wine getting to you, maybe we should get some coffee. We’ve both been going at these bottles.”

I just smiled, the rain was still coming down but not nearly as hard. Candles were lit and they didn’t have a bar so we were sitting at a table, the waitress and hostess just knew we were a couple. They even brought us one dessert and one fork when they gave us a slice of cake on the house.

“When you showed up I was so pissed off at myself because I didn’t drive. But I’ve had a good time tonight.” This is the part of being a woman, being a consenting adult that I loved. If he didn’t recognize the look in my eye, the way I was holding my wine glass, the buttons I undid, then he didn’t deserve this. He had a good job, a woman. I had a man, we both had things to lose which made this all the more exciting. People like us didn’t do things like this. 

“I’ve had a good time to, by the time we get to the park and ride it’s probably going to be deserted. We should sit in my truck and let the liquor wear off, I know you’re probably still a little wet, I would hate for you to get in your car and mess your seats up.”


The rain was really coming down which was a good thing; there wasn’t a soul that could see in all this mess without some lights and windshield wipers. I was waiting in my truck; she came running from putting her stuff in her car, breasts bouncing, ass jiggling in the skirt. She hoped in my truck and just looked at me, I really wasn’t a bad guy, I didn’t do shit like this often. We really did have some chemistry and I hadn’t seen Brandi in almost two weeks. You would think we lived in different cities, I was tipsy and she was fine, I had condoms, we were both adults.

Prince was blowing through my speakers and the thunder and lighting were striking and barking.

 We’d done enough talking at the restaurant and waiting for the cab, my fingers found the inside of her lips on the ride here and she was past ready. Did people really do shit like this? I didn’t know this woman. 

Her skirt came up and those thighs… damn those thighs. There was no need to go through the motions, I came across the seat and took my time massaging her lips with my lips. The kiss was soft but I made sure there was some intensity behind it.  

“Damn, that feels good, keep sucking right there!” I was kissing her neck, sucking her neck and she was whining for me to keep going. I was trying not to leave any hickies but that would be between her and her man. 

“THAT’S IT BABY, TAKE THEM OUT, SUCK THEM! SUCK THEM!” The tits came over the top of the pretty pink bra and I went at those big perky nipples, sucking and pulling. I’d been looking at them all night, they were the first things I noticed at the bus stop. I had my hand in her damp hair; her legs were in the seat and spread apart.

“Wait… Wait… Stop! Stop!” I fell back in the passenger seat, her stops weren’t “get off me” stops. They were “I’m looking for something” stops. She dug in her purse and pulled out these Cinnamon strips, she peeled one off and licked it then she placed it inside of her.

“You need to go down there and get that out!” She grabbed my face and licked my mouth, I bit back and licked her chin! I climbed in the backseat and let it all the way back to where it was flat, she climbed back and took off her shirt. Getting comfortable she backed up and put her ass on my face, the cinnamon made her cat so warm in my mouth. Her face was facing my dick so she pulled it out and took one of those same strips and started sucking with it, the feeling was like nothing I’d felt in a long time. I could hear her slurping and gurgling. I loved the sound!

The rain was starting to come down harder if that was even possible.

I spread her ass cheeks apart and started licking every hole that was in tongue distance, the rain was powerful but neither one of us were stopping. I was biting and slapping her ass just hard enough to turn her on, she was taking all of me gulps at a time. The sound of my hand hitting her flesh was louder than the thunder outside.

I could feel her body shaking, that was the thing about women… No matter what pussy it was, when you were doing it right, they all came hard. If you were doing it right! I waited until she got that first nut off and then I flipped her over to where she was flat on her stomach; I spread her legs with my knees and put on a condom. God knows I didn’t want to but I didn’t know this chick, better safe than sorry.

 “HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!” All our inhibitions were out the window. I was going stroking with one hand wrapped around her waist playing with her clit and I had another finger in her ass, at first just the tip but the more she would wiggle and move I would put more finger in there and eventually I had the whole damn thing in. The truck would have to be detailed because the smell of sex was in the air, we’d both been at work all day and the intensity in which we were going let me know that we needed this.

I licked places on her that my girl thought shouldn’t be licked, she spit on my dick and licked places on me that I’d forgotten about, it was nasty and rough and uncomfortable in the small space but it was worth it! Damn it was worth it!  

We finished and literally sat in my truck and talked. We didn’t have sex again but we were making out like two high schoolers, touching each other. The conversation came so easily, there was none of the awkwardness I sort of expected. I didn’t want this to be a one time thing but we were both taken.

What the hell? What could asking hurt?

“You don’t catch the park and ride everyday right.” She was putting on her shirt, damn she had nice breasts.

“Nope.” She didn’t look up.

“Maybe you should catch it everytime it rains like this or every other Wednesday?” I didn’t have to say it, she knew what I was asking.

“That’s not a bad idea, I may have to start doing that. At least until my man comes home.” She kissed me on the cheek and left.

I didn’t leave right away, I just sat there for a minute and said out loud, “I think you just set up your first affair.”



Copyright © 2011 by Demez F. White


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  1. Damn this story has me wet and horny as hell!!! Demez White you do this to me everytime with your stories!!!! Time to pull out the dildo and the vibrator!

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