I’ll Only Go As Far As He Goes…

FB-Ring.jpg“Are you sure about this Cassie? He seems like a good guy, you should trust him.”

I wasn’t sure, I wasn’t sure at all but if I was going to marry this man tomorrow I needed to know how I was marrying. He always knew the perfect thing to say, whenever I had doubts or suspected something it was so easy for him to ease those doubts. But tonight felt different, I just couldn’t shake what I was thinking.

And they say a woman’s intuition is never wrong. I had a life before my husband to be and I met, a life I wasn’t proud of but one that allowed me to pay for college and become the woman I am.

“He told me there weren’t going to be any strippers here, he lied… So what else is he lying about? If he doesn’t do anything, he has nothing to worry about. I’m only going to go as far as he goes.”

I could tell she wanted to say something else but she wasn’t saying it. I put on my mask, “Just say it!”

“Even when you were dancing you never did these bachelor parties, shit gets real in these back rooms, especially when the men are paid. And from the looks for this mansion they rented out, your man and his boys are going to be expecting a lot. You’re one of the only women I know that actually stripped to pay for school and left this shit alone. Don’t do this Cass!”

She was probably right, I should just walk away, I should trust my man and go home and get ready for my wedding tomorrow. But I wasn’t the trusting type, not after all the men that fucked over me, not after all the shit we’d been thru.

“Go in there, blind fold the groom to be, and then come out here and get me. Let his best man see me, I’ll be sure he doesn’t see my face and then blind fold him too. It’s up to him to see how far this goes from there.”

She hugged me and smiled, it was a sad smile but she was my girl. She was going to do what I asked.

Waiting in the hallway I thought about all the nights I studied my ass off so that I would never have to let a man touch me again and here I was about to touch my mans best friend just to prove a point. The plan was simple.

They would both be blinded folded, my girl would be with my man and I would be with his friend. If all he got was a dance, that’s all his boy would get. If he asked for a blowjob, his boy would get a blowjob and if it went any further, I would take it further with him. An eye for an eye was the way I saw it. I asked him point blank if he was going to have strippers.

“No Cassie! That’s not even my thing baby, you’re all the woman I need.”

Did he think I was stupid? These are my girls, I kept their children, helped them with money. This was a big city but we were a small circle, all of us worked the same clubs, the same parties. We all had Facebook and Twitter, did he think they weren’t going to know his face?!

She came out the room, “They’re blindfolded, are you ready?”

I took a deep breath and a shot of patron. “I’ll only go as far as he goes.”

The room was empty with the exception of two chairs in the middle of the floor, even in the dark I could make out which one was the man I was going to marry. He was blindfolded and smiling, his friend was smiling too.

The music was pumping throughout the house and the light was coming from a TV that was on the wall playing sexy music videos. The song that came on was Lil Wayne, “She Will.”

I took my mind to that place it used to be when I was dancing, I let the music touch my body. I knew they couldn’t see me but I still danced where I stood, I was here now, I would take this as far as he took it.

She looked at me, I nodded my head. She walked to him and placed a finger on his lips, a part of me got tight but she was just doing her job. She turned around and sat on his lap, grinding her ass on him. His hands went to her hips, then her stomach.

I followed her lead, walked over to his best man and touched his lips. Sat on his lap and took his hands and placed them on my stomach. I could feel his dick poking me but I ignored it and rode him, I felt my stomach turning at him touching me but I wouldn’t stop until my man stopped.

I wasn’t going to speak, he would know my voice if I did, I looked at Tiffany and nodded again. She took off her top and straddled him, her hands were behind his neck. He was either going to grab her hips or grab her breasts. My mouth dropped!

He put his entire mouth on her left tit! My heart dropped to my stomach, I would only go as far as he went.

My top came off and I turned around, I brought his face to my left breast and let him suck on it. I didn’t want to get aroused but seeing my man suck on her I had this hate/lust going. It was turning me on when it shouldn’t have been.

My eyes were closed, I wanted this to be over but I needed to see how far he would go. How much he would betray me. That’s when I heard his voice, I knew it was him, I KNEW IT WAS HIM! But hearing his voice made it real, hearing his voice made me want to rip off that blindfold and tell him I KNEW THAT YOU WERE JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!

“Suck my dick, I’ll pay you whatever. I’m getting married tomorrow and I just want to get one last nut in before I do.” She looked at me, I bit my tongue and nodded.

“Are you sure baby? I don’t think you’re wife would like that too much.”

This was his time to shine, I could forgive a lap dance, I could forgive him sucking a titty but I couldn’t forgive him asking and letting another bitch suck his dick!

“She’s not my wife yet and what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

I would only go as far as he went.

She squatted down in front of him and started to unzip his pants, I did the same. She stood back up and tied his hands behind him. I did the same.

I just stood there and watched him grow inch by inch in her hand, she was holding dick that was supposed to belong to me in her hand. I didn’t have to worry about his friend’s growing, it was already there. I looked at it, at least it was clean and pretty. I hadn’t so much as kissed a man since we started dating and now I was going to suck another man’s dick because of his lying ass.

An eye for an eye was the world I was raised in. Maybe a bigger woman would have screamed and yelled and walked away but I wasn’t that woman.

She kissed it and started bobbing and licking on it, I could hear his moans, tears started to fall.

I dropped to my knees and took his friend in my mouth, I let him thrust himself in and out and I licked and sucked and performed like it was him I was marrying tomorrow. As long as I could hear Tiffany sucking and my husband moaning I would keep sucking and I would be a professional about it. I would be passionate about it.

“Damn girl, that was worth every penny! If the head is that good I can only imagine what that pussy feels like.” I stood up and wiped my mouth, his friend was saying something I wasn’t listening. If he asked for some ass…

“Is that what you want?”

He just sat there, I could tell he was thinking about it. I could tell he was wondering…

“That’s what I want.”

“Okay baby!” She looked at me and I nodded no this time, I walked over to her and pointed her to the man I was just with. She got what I was saying.

I held his wet dick in my hand and I sat on him, placing it inside of me. I wonder would he know it was me, all the times we made love, the times we fucked. Would he know this was me? The nasty bastard didn’t even ask me to put on a condom.

“Damn, it feels better than I thought girl! Fuck! Ride that dick! Get that money’s worth! This is my last piece of outside pussy ever so make this shit count!” I took my mask off and threw it on the ground, I started to ride him faster, harder. My girl just stood there and watched me, his friend was wondering what was going on. I could feel him about to cum.

He was about to cum in some fucking stripper!

“How does it feel baby?”

His dick went limp but I kept riding, kept grinding.

“I asked you how it FEELS?!”

I took off his blind fold.

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