How Many Licks Does It Take…

Lately I have been feeling extremely sexually frustrated. it is hard trying to find a balance between doing what feels good and comes very natural and doing what feels good with a woman that you care for, I miss foreplay. kissing, touching. But I won’t bore you with my restless nights. I’m at work and all can think about is sex and someone sending me freaky text or pictures. So I’ll write something quick to settle my arousals.

“These walls are thin, you know I’m  going to moan! We do this right here, you’ll get fired!” She was whispering but there was the biggest smile on her face. Her mouth was saying no but her eyes were screaming ‘YES!’

I locked the door to my office, backed her against the wall and slid my hand up her dress.She was right about the walls. There was no ceiling; it was glorified cubicle with a door. Most of the office was off this week or taking their work lightly since it was a short week.

She spread her legs and licked my ear. “How many licks do you think it will take you to make me cum?” I was already hard but hearing her voice and the pure nastiness of it made me want to chill with the cat and mouse game and put something in her mouth.

“I can make you cum in three licks.” I bit her bottom lip and she sucked my tounge.

“Three licks huh, someone is feeling themselves today. If you can make this pussy cum in three licks I’ll let you record you cumming in my mouth. But if I don’t cum in 3 I want an early Christmas gift and today!”

It was really a suckers bet because she would let me record us anyway and with her taste this early Christmas gift wouldn’t be cheap but seeing her nipples poke thru the blouse and feeling how wet she was she knew she had me. Sitting her on my desk I put my finger to her mouth.


Sliding her panties to the side I bit down on her clit without removing my fingers. I could hear her trying to get her breathing under control. The harder I pushed, the harder I sucked. The sound of her dripping on my desk excited me and I licked her pearl tongue twice.

“I felt that! It taste good huh! That’s twice, one more lick and you have two minutes left.”

It was hard trying to get her to cum without flicking my tongue but then I got it. I rubbed my middle finger on her asshole and applied a little pressure. At the same time I put another finger inside the pussy and worked her clit with my lips. She was trying to fight it but there were too many holes being stimulated.

I got my tongue real wet and with one long lick I felt her body spasm. kissed her stomach and stood up. gave her my credit card. “Go to Best Buy and buy an HD camcorder. Go to Specs and get some Patron and limes. and go to the Galleria and get that early Christmas gift because you’re going to earn it tonighht.”

Her left breast was outside her bra and in her hand, her legs were still open on my desk and her lips were wet.

“I’ll get everything you want, and thanks for my gift baby but why do we have to wait to shoot scene one?”

She got on her knees in front of me, handed me her cell phone and made me realize why I was in love.

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