Broken hearts are underrated….

Broken hearts are underrated.

Because broken hearts don’t really happen, it’s a myth. See, a heart can be bruised, battered, stepped on and sliced but it can never be broken. It can explode if you eat too much chicken or steak, it can stop beating if God says it’s that time but it won’t break.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘no pain, no gain.’ And there is no truer saying on this earth. You can never love someone with all your heart if you’ve never experienced true heart bruising. Having someone rip out your heart and do everything in their power to break it only makes you more careful about who you give it access to again.

Broken hearts make for happy hearts.

It may take months, years, even a decade to rebound from the beating it takes but you will rebound. No matter what love songs say, no matter what books say. You will come back from being hurt. There are nights like last night when all I want is to have someone back in my life on a serious level but I’ve learned that settling because I’m lonely isn’t what I want in life.

I’ve known some incredibly sexy women but I knew they weren’t for me and no matter what I said or did I knew there was an expiration date on our romance. I knew my heart would end up suffering because of it and I pushed forward anyway because living a life without risk isn’t a life I’m willing to live.

So face heartbreak head on and accept it if it comes, embrace it! And learn from it.

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and just for the record.

I miss you…

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