Ride Or Die…

If I was looking at rain and hail falling from the sky, if I could feel the water on my face and the ice in my hands. I would still believe him if he told me it was sunny outside and I would fight anyone that called him a liar.

If the earth was opening up around us and fire was scorching my skin, his lips on my mouth or his hand on the small of my back would calm me. I could look in his eyes and know that everything would be alright.

Standing here, sirens in the background, enemies banging on our door. He smiled at me and like a fool I smiled back. I didn’t hear the barrel of the guns hitting the wood, I couldn’t hear the helicopters overhead.

“I love you, you know that right.” He picked me up and sat me on the rail of the balcony. His eye was swollen and his head was bleeding but he was still the sexiness man in the world. I dabbed his face with my torn shirt.

We kissed; I was at home in his lips. I reached for his belt, if this was to be the end I wanted to feel him inside of me one last time.




The knocks were getting louder, the sirens closer. I bit his lip and felt him harden in my hand, I was wet simply standing next to him. My fingers in his hair, his face in the book of my neck, I saw us meeting for the first time. I saw our first date and the first time he smiled at me.

I held nothing back, I tried to pull him in as far as he would go. Let the world hear my screams and moans, let those bitches outside hear me scream for a real man! They would never be half the specimen he was!

“I’m cumming baby! I’m cumming!” He was gripping the rail, taking his time grinding.

“Cum with me, please! Cum with me!” I brought his face from my neck and kissed him, I kissed him like I knew this would be the last time we would ever be here. I could feel his tears on my face, I’d never seen him cry before.

“This pussy is bringing me to tears.” He smiled and I felt him release inside of me.

I kissed him, I didn’t want the feeling to end, I didn’t want this moment to end. He stepped away just enough to put his dick back in his slacks but he never took his eyes away from mines. His right hand was swollen and his left was cut pretty bad but they felt like heaven on my face.

“Listen to me babe… There’s no way out of this, we can’t jump twenty stories and even if I shot it out with the Javier outside the door. They’ll be dozens of police in the lobby in a matter of minutes. This is it… this is it.”

I jumped off the rail and pulled him to me! “This isn’t it! Don’t say that! You’ve always found a way out, there has to be a way out!” I looked into his eyes and I saw it before he said it, I slapped him and grabbed his shirt!

“There is another way! There is another way!!!! You can’t do this to me! If you die I’ll die do you understand me! Give me a gun and I’ll go out there with you, if you jump I’ll jump!”

He slapped me and pushed me against the rail! “I’m not just doing this for you! I’m doing it for him!” He rubbed my stomach, my still flat stomach.

“I won’t be able to be a father to him from a prison cell, I won’t be a father to him from a prison cell! I know I’m going to hell for the things I’ve done and while I’m there I want to know you’re on earth raising him right. Making our sins right! I don’t want his death on our hands! If you love me you’ll do that for me!”

I heard him but I didn’t hear him, I couldn’t do this without him…





He pulled me against the wall and shielded me from the gunfire that was happening in the hallway! I hated being so close to him knowing this was the end.

“I can’t live without you! I won’t do it! Do you understand me?!” He smiled and brushed my hair from my face.

“You’ll live without me and you’ll live a better life than we could have ever had baby girl… You have all the account numbers, everything I’ve done is on me, they have nothing on you. I need for you to give him the life I never had. Promise me Ashley! Promise me!” I tried to look away but he pulled my face to his.

“Promise me!”

I looked into his eyes and saw he’d already made up his mind. “Will you marry me?” I rubbed his neck.

“I do… No matter where you are or who you’re with know that you’ll always be mine and don’t let my son forget about me.”

“I do! And this will always be your heart, it will always be your pussy!” I closed my eyes and put my head on his chest. He whispered in my ear.

“I’m sorry baby, I love you. I love you so fucking much!”

He turned me around and put his forearm around my neck, he shot two times in the air! I was trying to scream, trying to stop him but he was dragging me!

“I’m sorry Ash! I’m sorry! This is the only way, they’ll kill you too if they kick down this door!” He kissed me on the back of the head and screamed out, “I HAVE THIS BITCH WITH ME! I’M COMING OUT, IF YOU PUT YOUR GUN ON ME I’LL KILL HER I SWEAR!”

He opened the door, there must have been a dozen SWAT officers outside in the hallway. Surrounding both sides. I couldn’t see his face but I could feel his smile, his kissed my neck and whispered.

“I love you…” He pushed me on the ground and started shooting…

I screamed…

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