Good Morning Kisses…

Good Morning kisses are a fundamental part of waking up. Whether you’re kissing your son or daughter on the cheek and dropping them off at day care. Or if it’s a peck on your wife or girlfriends lips before you two leave the house.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good morning kiss of any sort and considering I don’t have children I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a slightly drousy child pout and move their cheek because I’m dropping them off.

But to be perfectly honest I’m looking forward to it. All of it. Not just the kiss I’ll give my wife while we’re lying in bed before the sun comes up. The comforter wrapped tight around us because it’s freezing outside, the sun struggling to take over the night. Morning breath and stiff limbs.

And despite all of that we share that kiss, maybe we’re too tired for passion but the kiss is meaningful none the less. I have these ideas and images of what having a girlfriend or marriage will be like, this sort of perfect image. I know it won’t be like that all the time, I’m not crazy. But I do feel like it can be like this most of the time.

I suppose that’s why I’m still single because I’mwaiting for the perfect combination of morning kisses, the perfect person to carry this very cool, very gorgeous child of mine.

If you have the opportunity, give someone a morning kiss. Or at the very least a text. It really does put a smile on people’s faces.

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