3 Things To Do On Christmas Eve With That Special Someone… (Adult Version)

Mistletoe, Candy canes and Bows

I walk thru the door, she’s naked lying on the couch. A piece of mistletoe lying right above her clit, right below her bellybutton. A bow, something candy, something sweet sitting on her lips and a candy cane in her hand.

Champagne and orange juice in one bag; patron and rum in the other bag. No dark liquor tonight, it’s Christmas Eve.

You can use your imagination for the rest.

Photo Shoots, Santa Hats and Ass Shots

Men like nasty, we love nasty but just like with anything else we want it selfishly and in moderation. We want men to see our women in her tight jeans and cute sweater, to see her in the pencil skirt and blouse, four inch heels and want her but respect her.

Christmas Eve, it’s just you and I so fuck being a lady. That’s for the family tomorrow and the co-workers at the Christmas Party. We can turn the Holiday Decorations into a Nasty Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot.

You standing in front of the Christmas Tree in a Santa Hat and red heels, doing things that would get you on Santa’s naughty list. You baking ginger bread men that have extremely large penises and enjoying the pictures you’re taking with them.

This is the age of technology, we have printers that are photo quality. No one will see these but us, no FB albums here. No pics on cell phones, straight cameras, the internet disconnected.

No Panties, No Birth Control and Amazing Gifts

What’s the best gift I think I could ever get… It’s me coming home to a wife telling me she’s stopped taking her birth control and she’s ready to have my son. No lingerie, no gimmicks, just her standing there in front of the Christmas tree with a smile on her face and a pair of booties or something. The toddler kind, not the Gucci kind.

Christmas is about giving and her saying something like that to me on Christmas Eve would be the best gift I could ever get, it would be the best sex we would ever have and more than that it would be the best thing she could ever do for herself in a selfish way. Because I would change her life, I would do everything humanly possible to make sure she never went a day without smiling.

Merry Christmas Beautiful People!!!  

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