12 Play… His Plays

His Plays

One– My hand massaging the back of your neck. Goosebumps running up and down your arms and thighs. Your breathing getting deeper and deeper, the stress and frustration of your day slowly fading into a distant memory.

“How does it feel baby?” All you do is moan at my question and lean forward so that the I can get a part of your neck I missed.

Two– Your legs slightly parted, your skirt slightly raised. The silk blouse untucked, my fingers running thru the fine hairs below your stomach covering your pelvis. Your not bald  but there’s no bush either. Perfectly trimmed, perfectly sexy. Your panties pulled to the side, you wanted to take them off but I stopped you. It’s more fun this way.

Three– The massage on the back of your neck had you moist. The fingertips just inches above your clit had you dripping. My lips seconds from your ear have you wet.

“I’m going to make love to you first and then I’m going to fuck you.” You try and force my hand between your legs but I won’t go.

“I’m going to lick my ‘clit’ and then I’m going to suck on ‘my’ clit and right when you get to the edge I’m going to stop. You’ll scream my name and squeeze your thighs together but I won’t listen. I’m going to make you beg me for this orgasm.” Your eyes are evil, you caress the imprint in my jeans and smile.

“Two can play that game, “muah.”” You smack your lips, my fingers find the warmth, your legs part just a little wider.

Four– I would be a fool to neglect the nipples, how I’ve been in touch with your body this long and they’re still in that bra is beyond me. Just like the panties it’s more fun just to pull them over the top of the bra. Seeing the areola around that small point of pleasure is like opening up a perfect Christmas gift. My fingers circle the left one, my tongue circles the right one. You take control of what’s between your legs. No words are needed, chemistry has a way of speaking for itself.

Five– My lips come up to meet your lips, you wan to breathe, you need to catch your breath but I won’t let you! Time is not a necessity we have. Time is against us, you have a man to get home to. I have a world to conquer. Your tongue is calling my name like your body is screaming my name. When our lips meet, when your mouth parts shit just makes sense!

“Who else kisses you like this? Who else?!” How you can talk with me constantly sucking and biting on your lips is beyond me but you manage and the more break our kisses to talk the harder I become! Your legs are all the way open now, the windows all the way fogged up!

Shit just got real!

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