A Morning Prayer…

Dear Heavenly Father…

 I’m coming to you this morning with a humble heart and a clear mind. I’m coming to you with the rain falling from the sky and the darkness hovering. I’m coming to you as a sinner just needing to write to you. Needing to talk to you the best way I know how, with a pen and paper or in this case a keyboard and screen.

Writing today I don’t want to complain, I don’t want to ask for anything or ask for anyone. Not today! Today I want to come to you and just say thank you for everything that I do have, I want to say thank you for what you’ve blessed me with, for what you’ve given me.

I won’t think about what I don’t have today, I won’t think about what I want. Today I want to say thank you for giving me this time with my grandparents, for blessing me with a man and woman that have taught me how to be a man. That have taught me how to treat people and do right by people. I love them to death and I don’t know what I would do without them. Sometimes I think about their age and their health issues and try and prepare myself for the day they’ll no longer be here.

But I know I’ll be okay because I know they’ll be in heaven. I’ll be okay because I know I’ve done right by them.

I pray for the women in my life or that used to be in my life, all of them. I just want them to be happy, to be fruitful and fulfilled. I wasn’t always the best man, I wasn’t always honest and you know that, why am I even telling you this. I just need their forgiveness but more than that I need you to protect them and show them the way. Just guide them.

My sisters are growing up, I haven’t really been there like I should have been but protect them and give them strength in this crazy world, allow them to keep some of that innocence for as long as they can. Bless Cherita and her family as they travel today and allow them to make it back safely. My mother, aunts, cousins, my entire family… Just hold all of them down!

I don’t smile as much as I should, there are moments when I feel lonely and lost but I look at my life and I know no matter how I feel you have to be protecting me or else I wouldn’t here. So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have a destiny in this world, a purpose that’s bigger than even I know and I’ll live up to those expectations! I’ll smash those expectations! My wife is out there waiting! My family is waiting! I’ll never give up as long as you have my back, as long as you protect me!

I’ll never give up…



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