She Likes It When I Watch…

“You ready for your Christmas gift?” I was sitting in a chair in the middle of the garage, I could feel the cold air and the wind outside even though I was blindfolded when I came out here.

“I’m ready.” I wanted to keep the excitement out my voice. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. She’d woken me up in the middle of the night and blindfolded me, pulling me down the stairs. I had no idea what she was doing but I was all for surprises.

She pulled the silk scarf off my face and it took my eyes a minute to adjust to the light but in the middle of the garage was a pole. A floor to ceiling pole. It fit perfectly between our cars that were no longer in here. It was bolted on the floor and the ceiling so this was obviously permanent.

I was speechless. She stepped from behind me wearing some five inch heels and a white dress shirt that was buttoned up down the middle.

“Don’t talk, just enjoy the show.” Her tone was dead serious. She walked over to a iPod dock and turned on the music. Drake and Lil Wayne came on, ‘She Will.’ She leaned down and bit my ear.

“I think ‘She Will’ tonight!” She whispered in my ear and turned around, rasing the dress shirt. A purple thong underneath. I slapped her ass, it jiggled, she made it clap. I didn’t know she could do that, I slapped it again.

She turned around and shook her finger no at me, “No touching without tipping nigga!” I sit on the edge of my seat when she walked to the pole and hopped on it like she’d been doing it her whole life. She shirt fell from her body and all she had on was the panties and heels. Her legs wrapped around the metal and she spun and spun until she landed on the ground in a split.

Sitting on the ground she opened her legs in front of me, moving her body to the music she played with herself and all I could so was watch this sexy ass woman in front of me.

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