Dear You…

Dear You,

I know to a lot of people today would be considered nasty. The rain, the cold, most of your friends and family on vacation if you have to go to work. But to me today is beautiful, today is perfect for the mood I have. In my world the glass is usually half full and today is no different. When I think about you I think about the glass being half full. I think about us this time next year.

You may be thinking next Christmas is a long time away but you’re wrong beautiful. Think about how fast 2011 has flown by, think about Valentines Day, 4th of July and Easter and how they seemed like they just happened last week.

Time is moving, our lives are moving! And I have faith! Writing and faith!

I won’t say I think of you every morning but I will say I think of you most mornings. There is something in every song that reminds me of some small part of you, there is something in every thing I write that has a small essence of you in it. Fading away doesn’t exist in the world I live in because my imagination has created someone that I’m not even sure exist?

I suppose I’m a man that has options, women aren’t exactly hard to get but what I want more than anything is to not hurt anyone because I still have these morning thoughts of perfection. No one is perfect and putting those expectations on people is only going to have me writing in the morning instead of calling into work and making love to you in the morning.

In my world there is really no black and white, it’s all gray and it’s all waiting and willing to make someone happy. I’m too blessed in this world to ever be sad but the emptiness does get to me at times. I can be man enough to admit that.

Smiles, thighs and engagements

Lips, tongues and sons

Passion, lust and love

Life, you and me

That’s sort of the life I’m about and I promise on everything I am, on every novel I write and on every road I build that I will stop bullshitting and do whatever it takes to open my eyes and make your pretty ass my wife in 2012. I’m actually sorry it’s taken this long.

So enjoy these Holidays with whomever you’re spending them with and just know you will never spend another Holiday alone again.

Sincerly Yours,

Demez F. White

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