Engagement Sex…

She couldn’t stop looking at the ring, no matter what he said or where her eyes went she just couldn’t stop looking at the ring. She’d never been more infatuated with anything in her adult life. She always knew she wanted to get married, what woman didn’t have the perfect dress and the perfect flowers in the back of her mind growing up. But now she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she not only wanted to be married. But she wanted to be married to the man that was standing in front of her staring at her like she was the only person left on this earth.


He couldn’t stop watching her watch the ring.


The look on her face was priceless; the smile was something he knew would happen but to this extent? How could he possibly know that? The glow, the transformation that took place in thirty seconds from her storming into the room ready to scratch his eyes out to her crying, blushing and rubbing his face like there was nowhere else in the world she would rather be.


One carat solitaire, princess cut, platinum setting. He could have gotten a bigger diamond somewhere else but she deserved the best and he would make it bigger and bigger and bigger each and every Anniversary. Well, maybe not every Anniversary. He smiled at the thought.


Her face left the ring and went to the bed, she’d forgotten about the gifts. She’d also forgotten that he was standing in front of her in nothing but his boxers and she was naked. She walked over to the bed, the only thing on her body besides the small patch of hair covering her pelvis was the ring she silently vowed to never let out of her sight.


He leaned against the wall and watched her pick up and shake each gift or bag. She turned around, completely unashamed of her nakedness knowing he was looking at her about to explode. He made her wait an entire day to have this moment so she would make him wait before she turned him out with the engagement sex.


“Which one do you think I should open first?” He knew what she was doing but he could wait, he could let her have her revenge. Today was about the moment and the longer it lasted the better the memories they would make from this moment.


“The red box with the white ribbon.” Her smiled was etched on her face, it was obvious it was a shoe box the only question was what shoes were in the box? Seeing the bags on the bed and the ring on her finger the shoes had to be bad!


“Twelve or maybe thirteen,” she said, “was the last time I’ve been this excited about ripping the paper off a gift.” Her fingers unwrapped the bow like the ribbon would crumble if she ripped at it too hard. Her palms were sweaty, he almost forgot what was in the box from watching her so hard.


“Ohhh My God!!!” She held the box up and the black suede booties looked up at her and winked. In her mind the shoes actually winked. Picking them up like a new born baby she was delicate, off the top of her head she had a ball park of what they cost and she could feel the juices running down her thigh. Sitting on the bed she tried them on and they were like a glove. Looking in the full length mirror, her ass perfect, her stomach flat. She turned around and made a runway out of the bedroom into the living room.


She was testing his patience so he decided she would make him wait all night. Even though for her the game was over once he put the ring on her finger, she was just so into the gifts that she forgot he was standing behind her until he picked her up and carried her to the couch.


The feel of her skin on his hands had a way of bringing out the aggression in him, he couldn’t wait so his mouth found her nipples even before her ass it the cushion. Watching her walk up and down the hall, seeing her naked and posing, hearing her say ‘yes’ to being his wife.


It all came to a head, his tongue found the one spot that would take her mind of the ring, off the gifts. His tongue took her to a place they’d been to a million times but today was different, today he was licking and kissing and sucking his fiancé! It was the first time in his life either one of them could ever say that. Maybe it was in his mind but she seemed wetter today; she seemed sweeter, it seemed prettier. Her palms were on his head, he could feel the ring in his hair.


She watched the ring while she came.


Usually she needed a breath after he pleasured her but today she was running off engagement adrenaline. So she pushed him to the floor and fell to her knees, taking him in her mouth she took control like she’d never done before. She was nastier, louder, she allowed herself to lose all control because this was now the man she was going to marry. Watching the ring, the contrast the diamond had against the dark skin that she was holding in her hand, it made her cum without one tip of his extremities in or on her body.



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