Four Steps To A Perfect Valentine’s Day…

I tried to write a note on my cell phone earlier because I just really needed to write but it was being difficult so I have about 30 minutes before I get off so I’m going to make the best of it. I’m dedicating this note to my Future Valentines, I don’t know who you are yet but it calms me to write to you and to be perfectly honest I’m excited. My Valentine’s Day last year wasn’t the best and I want to start this year on the right path. Maybe there won’t be any call into works and hotel rooms all day but I would settle for good conversation, tipsy vibrations and building memories. So today I’m going to write four steps to the Perfect Valentines…

Step One: I’m going to pick what you like and enhance it to suit the day! If you’re the sort of woman that loves food I’m going to find that one restaurant that blows your mind. If you like cookies or cupcakes I’m going to get some specialty made to celebrate our moment. And maybe it won’t be as simple as food or shopping; maybe you love the outdoors or fashion. So I get a boutique to set up a runway for you to go there and model some stuff. After all, my books are sold at a couple and when you’re the author you can ask for favors! The point is I’m going to make the day about more than just impressing you, I’m going to make the day about mentally blowing your mind.

Step Two: I can’t ask you to look amazing, to smell amazing, to wear my favorite color on your bare skin or a pair of heels that may be uncomfortable if I’m not willing to do what I have to do to impress you. So my haircut, my cologne, my slacks and blazer and loafers will all be perfect for you. The scent not too strong, the charm not to forceful. I’m a pretty simple guy and my understanding basically works like this. You’re the star and I’ll be there to compliment you. What you wear, the attention you get. The way men glance away from their dates or wives to look at your ass, that’s my reward, that’s what makes me want to dress and be the part of the perfect escort. You’ll be happy because I look good and I’ll be comfortable because I’m doing your pretty ass justice!

Step Three: Alcohol, beer and wine. I’ve taken three wine classes in my life for one simple reason… To know what to order when I’m out with a woman that has the ability to make me turn my phone off. (And I do love my phone) I’m the biggest fan of drinking on dates, I think it loosens or tongues, it adds to the flirting and more than anything flirting is just better tipsy. Seeing the wine glass at your lips, taking a shot at the bar while they get our table ready. Walking into the hotel room with the bottle of Champagne in one hand and the Ciroc in the other. I’m a fan of what liquor brings and I plan on having the perfect combinations.

Step Four: Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry… I’ve never been on a date in my life, no matter how expensive, how prepared, how sexy that worked if there was no chemistry. And if we’re going out on Valentine’s Day that means we’ve met before, that means we’ve had some drinks and chilled and gotten to know each other on some level. It means we’ve flirted and laughed and that we’re both looking forward to this night. I believe in Chemistry like I believe in baby Jesus and love at first sight.

These are my four steps to making our Valentine’s Day Perfect!!!! I can’t wait to meet you and I hope you stay dry on the outside and … You’ll get that when you read this for the second time, smile… I think you’re beautiful!

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