Fight For Me… (II)


“I’m telling you because you need to know you can’t take me for granted! Because I don’t want anyone else but I’m tired of feeling like I’m always running in second! You know I love your writing and I love how passionate you are about it but there are days when I need more baby! Don’t shut me out! Please! I love you!”

To Be Continued…

I squeezed her arms tighter, she bruised easy and even though my heart was beating a mile a minute I was aware of that when her skin started to turn red. I knew it hurt but she didn’t say a word, I let her go and turned my back.

Feeling her breath on my neck, I wanted to push her away but I couldn’t. She was all I had outside of my words, all I had outside of the people that read my work. They didn’t know me outside of the cover of my novels but she knew me, all of me.

“Why the fuck did you have to tell me?! What do you want me to do Raquel!? Fuck!!!” The kiss came fast and as much as I wanted to slap her I kissed her back and we fell on the bed! I ripped her shirt and she wiggled out of her sweats, I bit her stomach. She started to bleed, I licked it off.

She leaned down and traced my lips with her fingers, her mouth found mine again and she straddled my lap.

“Fight for me! Don’t take this for granted because I’m a good woman and I won’t always be here baby! I wish I could tell you otherwise but I won’t always be here! If this is yours act like it’s yours!” She placed my hand on her heart, then brought it down to her pussy.

As much as I didn’t want to I let the tears fall, I can’t even tell you why they fell. Maybe the thought that I almost lost her became real with my fingers finding the inside of her wetness. Her bra found the floor and she brought my mouth to her nipples.

Her moans meant to world to me in this moment, the sound of her moistness was drawing me to her, I flipped her over on her back. Her legs open, her panties pulled to the side I French kissed my pussy, I kissed it like I missed it. I licked and sucked it like I didn’t have a plane to catch.

The moans and her fingers running thru my hair gave me life! It gave me perspective!

I would fight for her, “I’ll fight for you! I love you…. I swear to fucking God I love you!”

“Fight….. for… me…. baby! Please! Ahhhhhhhh….”

She was cumming down my chin but I didn’t stop, I kept kissing, kept licking, I would remind her today why she was the most important person in the world to me. I couldn’t get my pants off fast enough, she tried to take me in her mouth but I pushed her off, bent her over and went inside!

I couldn’t remember being this hard in my life!

I’m running late for work… Part III this evening 🙂  


2 thoughts on “Fight For Me… (II)

  1. “I ripped her shirt and she wiggled out of her sweats, I bit her stomach. She started to bleed, I licked it off.” — What the fuck, dude?

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