Fight For Me (III)

Looking down at her ass I wanted to punish her! Sex between us was always good but the ferocity that was there in the beginning was lacking. I didn’t have that problem today!

I hated her but I loved her!

I wanted her to get her shit and leave but I didn’t want to see her walk out that door!

Gripping the back of her neck I pushed her face into the cushion. She was pushing her ass into me; telling me to fuck her with her hips. Her back arched, thighs spread I pushed myself inside. Caught off guard by how wet she was I pushed harder, went deeper!
Her hand reached back to try and slow me down but there was no remorse today. No love making. She wanted me to fight for her, to show her how much emotion I put into this relationship! I would show her with my dick.

“Did you love him?!” Her moans and screams were too loud for me to hear her answer! Maybe I didn’t even want to hear.

“No baby! No baby! I was lonely and missing you and ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Fuck me like you need me! Pleeeeease!!! Pleaaaase!!!”

“You! Are! Not! Going! A! Damn! Place!”

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