New Seasons Always Come

I was at my grandparents yesterday and when I finished washing their cars I walked inside and my grandmother was praying. I just stood there and listened to her.

She prayed for a lot of people but mostly she prayed for my grandfather. She prayed that God heals him, that he lifts his spirits. She must have prayed for him for a good fifteen minutes.

A couple years ago he’d just had surgery and he went into a coma. It was just the 3 of us and I’d never seen my grandmother freak out before. But that night she was on the floor screaming and crying. Begging God not to take him and that’s when I realized they were each others lives for the past 50 years.

Hearing her pray yesterday reminded me of that. He sleeps a lot, doesn’t eat as much. The dialysis is draining him mentally and physically.

I see it more and more and I see how its making my grandmother. I wish I could do more but the truth is new seasons come and there is no way to fight time.

I suppose I write about these things because there’s not a her to talk to about it. I worry about them both and I worry that my wife or children will never know them.

Random Friday thoughts. I need a drink 🙂

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