One Week Away…

I often wonder when is the last time someone missed me. Like pressed 9 digits of my phone number, stalked my FB missed me.

This time next week will be my 29th birthday and to be honest I’ll probably celebrate it alone. I’ll have my boys and some strippers or something around but in my head I’ll be alone.

A lot of my writing is based on the premise that a woman can add so much value and meaning to your life but that she can also wreck the fuck out of it.

My phone hasn’t rung all day. I can’t tell you despite all my dinner dates, meetings for drinks, coffee outings the last time I had a passionate moment.

One of those moments where you can’t stop touching each other. Not necessarily sex but just the chemistry is so intense that it scares you.

I wanted that for my birthday. That moment if just for one night. The idea of chilling with someone and having a conversation and laughs isn’t bad but the idea of that animalistic chemistry appeals to me a lot more.

I didn’t order a cake, what’s the point. One week away and what’s the point.

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