5 Reasons Valentines Day Is Worth It

I’m aware that a lot of people could care less about Valentines Day but these notes are obviously not for you 🙂
We all have different things and dates that mean something to us. Valentines is one of those days to me.

1. The atmosphere. Seeing packed flower shops, delivery men and women everywhere, liquor stores all out of wine. The tents set up outside of grocery stores. The chocolate strawberry stations at HEB. It reminds me of a romantic comedy. Katherine Heigel and Jude Law type vibes all over the city.

2. Sex Appeal. It’s no secret that I love everything about women. From dimples to the way thighs look in jeans or tights. I’m a fan of nice skin and lip gloss. But mostly it’s all about that raw sexual energy that’s living and breathing on Valentines Day. The red panties, the flirty cards, the idea that everyone is thinking the same thing for at least one day.

3. Rendezvous. Leaving work early to meet at a random hotel. Having shots at noon in a booth in the back. People watching other couples do the same thing. Kisses on the side of a car, hands roaming in a parking garage. Or maybe it’s a first date and not sexual at all. Just an early dinner with her glowing because she’s excited. The conversation and day setting the tone for future nights.

4. Memories. Pictures, date associations, videos. Days like V-Day and Christmas Eve and My Birthday are everything to me because of the memories that come with them. These past couple years haven’t always turned out how I wanted so each year is a chance to create new ones.

5. Love. The most annoying thing in the world to me is when I hear people say ‘You should be romantic everyday of the year.’ Who says you aren’t because you appreciate a day dedicated to love. I not only ove the idea of love but I’m a lover in every sense of the word. I fall for people hard and fast and dedicate books and smiles to them. I like smiley faces and cute pics. Women that enjoy being happy or friendly. That’s what V Day is about to me.

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