Panties Optional…

“You ask for a lot, you know that right?” I was on the phone with him even though I knew was down stairs. But he didn’t mind waiting as long as I was looking perfect.

“I don’t think I’m asking for too much. I’m actually looking out for you.” Earrings and shoes were always the hardest decision of the night.

“How are you looking out for me?” I was smiling even before he answered. When I was figuring out what to wear panties were never an option anyway.

“I’m looking out for you because I want you to be comfortable. I want you to be able to breathe down there. Panties restrict all that and I don’t want your pretty ass restricted.” He was really trying hard tonight.

“Well thanks for your concern but me and my panties have a special relationship. They’re all pretty and meatc perfectly with my bras. They help hold in the juices you love so much and it’s more fun if you can take them off.”

Our flirting was at that ‘put up or shut up level.’ He’d never come close to tasting these juices but we both knew he would sooner or later. The chase made it better.

“I appreciate the special relationship you and your panties have but is it fair to your thighs? Your ass? Your clit? They stay covered up. They stay being hid. I’m here to help them get some shine, some attention. Plus my fingers feel better on bare skin.”

I did love the breeze I got when I went commando. But I still wasn’t going to tell him it was all bare under this skirt.

“How do I know that you won’t take advantage of me and my panty less features iif I decide to leave them at home?”

I took a black lace pair out the draw and put them in my purse. A couple dabs of perfume and some lotion.

“I’m going to take advantage of you if you get drunk and I reach between your legs and there’s nothing there.”

I grabbed my keys, cut off the lights. Made sure my vibrator and extra cell phone battery was in my purse. My waxing was a day old, my heels were a day old and my clit was ready for whatever!

I could tell because I was dripping already. A product of going panty less.

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