Money Can’t Buy Love… But…

I’m sure there are plenty of women in this world that love broke men. Plenty of women that don’t care for nice things and love the idea of living pay check to paycheck as long as they’re in love.

The lights, water, gas and cable are all past due because he’s struggling but the love is real! I’m positive these women exist.

The only problem is they either get tired of this life or start making enough money to where him being broke doesn’t matter.

Money can’t buy love but money can buy loyalty and affection. Love doesn’t put gas in a car or buy brake pads.

But ‘money’ does. Because women love security. They love being able to have disposable income because you’re paying bills.

Women place a high value on their vagina, their mouth. They place expectations on you if you’re hitting it regularly. And when you’re beating it out the frame they’re sleeping with you because they WANT to but also because they trust you.

You can’t say I love you or I need you when you aren’t providing comfort. Its why women choose security over orgasms.

So money can’t buy love but its a damn good down payment and substitute.

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