Tips of Pleasure…

“It’s raining Mez! If I come out there I’m going to get wet.”

“I was hoping you’d be wet before you came out here.”

“I only get thirty minutes for lunch, you know that right?”

“Just come on, I’m in the front.”

I knew I was going out there before I left for work this morning. He couldn’t come over last night or didn’t want to and my body was going thru withdrawals. So when I woke up to a 5:45 ‘I’m taking you to lunch’ text I knew what heels, skirt and panties I weren’t going to wear.

Most men loved the idea of a woman being naked under her clothes but not Demez. Rubbing lotion on my hands and legs I was smiling remembering the first time we went out and I was panty less.

“Part of the fun is the anticipation of me taking them off. Don’t deprive me of that.”

He was dead serious which made it even more funny.

I could barely see his truck even though I knew it right there at the curb. The rain was falling so damn hard. I left my garage and came straight to the parking garage so I’d avoided being out in it until now.

I thought about taking off my heels and making a run for it but these pretty feet weren’t touching the elements.

“Babe… You need to come get me.” Being pretty had its perks.

I hung up my phone, his blinking lights came on and he ran to the door. “You’re so spoiled. Come here.”

He picked me up, I put my face in his chest and he ran to the passenger side and put me in.

“We only have twenty minutes now. Pull around to the back.”

I worked in a three story brownstone in Midtown. Working with overpaid, pompous lawyers as a paralegal made for stressful but busy days. But he was my relief!

With the rain covering us and construction blocking our blind side I sat up against the window and inched my skirt up to my stomach. He let up the console and came to me. We always started off kissing. His lips were soft, my tongue was magic and it just made for great chemistry.

When the tips of his fingers wiggled inside my panties I opened my legs wider and started going for his belt. Time was not on our side! They were serious about our 30 minute lunches.

Feeling my panties slide off and his breath on my belly button I knew what was coming and I knew I would be no good at work for the rest of this Friday. His mouth caught my clit and the shock that went thru me, that always went thru me rushed from my pelvis to my chest to me throat to my moan!

“Ahhhhhh… Ahhhhh…”

If I didn’t stop him he would keep going and then stopping wouldn’t be an option. Grabbing his head and pulling him up, licking my juices off his chin I straddled him.

“Look baby! I forgot to take my pill this morning so just let me sit on the tip. And only for a minute!”

He pulled me down slow and I rode the tip. He was trying to fight it but he grabbed my waist and sat me all the way down on it! I put my feet in the seat and found his mouth again.

“This… Is… More than the… Tip.”

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