Taking Another Man’s Wife… Scene I

There’s always some truth behind ‘I’m just playing,’ or ‘you can’t take a joke.’ No matter how genuine the smile or how she touches you after she says it. Something inside of her, no matter how small is thinking the words that are spoken. Men aren’t supposed to show emotions, we aren’t supposed to question how someone feels about us if they’re there for us.

She’s lying in bed every night, there every morning. Breakfast is cooked and kisses and hugs are exchanged but in your heart they aren’t the same. It’s all in the warmth, it’s in the warmth. That warm feeling when her body presses up against yours and neither one of us want to let go. That feeling that you know would never go away just isn’t there.

How do you control that? How do you stop yourself from grabbing her and asking her to be honest! To make me believe that this is all in my head! Women have female intuition, men have a gut. In my gut I knew I was losing her. But I didn’t know why…

I just didn’t know why!

“Is everything alright Raquel?” She put her phone on the table and sat on my lap, when she rubbed my face my heart started to beat faster. When she touched my lip with her finger I felt like there wasn’t a more beautiful woman on the face of this earth.

“Everything is fine baby. What’s going on with you? You no like me cooking no more?” She pouted and used her silly accent. She took my hand and slid it under her nightgown. Her job allowed her the option of working from home or in the office, it all depended on her mood. Today must have been a lounge day.

Her hand guided my fingers inside of her, “Can you feel that? I’m wet for you baby, It will always be this way for you.” She grabbed my face and looked into my eyes while she pushed my hand inside of her harder. She pulled it out and licked her juices off my fingers and then she kissed me.

“Can I taste it before you go to work baby?” Before I looked at the clock on the stove she was on her knees in front of my chair, I was inside her mouth. The slurping and moaning the only noise in the room, her mouth was warm and wet. She was the only woman I’d never known that got just as wet giving head as she did receiving it. She stopped, looked up at me and wiped her mouth, never taking her hands from around my dick.

Standing up she took her gown off and stood in front of me naked as the day she was born. Placing her fingers inside herself she rubbed them across my lips.

“This is yours and what I just had in my mouth is mine. I don’t know what I did to make you question me but stop it; I know you better than you know yourself and I hear everything you aren’t saying. Everytime you walk out the door you look at me like I’m not going to be here when you get back! Please stop that!”

When she sat on it, I grew another inch and she didn’t move. She didn’t bounce or ride or grind, she just sat there with me inside her, her hands around my neck. Her tears falling on my face. “Stop treating me like I don’t love you!” I gripped her ass and moved her slowly, I bit her collarbone and she played in my hair.

“I can’t imagine what my life would be like with you Rocky…. I can’t baby…” She started to move faster and she became wetter and I became harder and the bite marks became rougher! We were making love but this was something different, something with more emotion, with more intensity!

Being inside of this woman was the closest I’d ever come to Heaven. Being inside of her was a feeling that I’d looked forward to since the first night in that hotel room. Since the first night in the parking lot of that movie theater.

“I’m not going anywhere baby! Fuck me like you don’t want me to leave! Please! Fuck me like you love me! Ohhhhhhh! Awwwwww!”

The sound of her voice turned me on sooo damn much! I picked her up, still inside of her and sat her on the table. Peeking at the clock I knew I wasn’t going to make it to work on time but at this point I didn’t give a fuck. Puling out of her and pushing her down on the table I started to kiss her thighs, her insides were so wet, she was always so wet!

When I kissed her clit I could feel her tremble and when I sucked it I could feel her inhale and exhale. If being inside of her was Heaven then eating her was Heaven on earth. I wanted to believe her, I wanted to believe her tears. She’d never lied to me, never betrayed me but even with her thighs on my ears and her hands in my hair and my fingers tracing those big pretty nipples I couldn’t shake the doubt.

I just couldn’t shake the doubt…  


Wearing his shirt that was covered in our sweat and my juices I sat on the bed and watched this man that loved me so much take a quick shower and drive off. When he kissed me goodbye it took everything in me not to fall to my knees and…

Expectations can be great but when someone needs so much from you. When they look and treat you like you can do no wrong! When he wants so much from me emotionally I just needed a break. I just needed to feel normal, like the weight of the world wasn’t on my shoulders!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, for better or worse, richer or poorer. I wanted to be faithful but it just happened and I fell in love. My husband is my world, he would die for me and I don’t doubt that for a second but I also know he would never forgive me! He could never forgive me!

So I look him in his face, I kiss him and make love to him and laugh with him and encourage him only to lie to him. We’re never gonna break up because I’d tie him to the bed and burn this house down before I let him find out the truth and look at me with disappointment.

I’m Another Man’s Wife and he’s just going to have to accept that or God help us when the truth comes out.

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