Taking Another Man’s Wife Scene II

“If you loved him you wouldn’t be here right now.”

Six hours ago my husband was inside of me on our kitchen table, six hours ago I was sitting on our California King in his dress shirt with his cum falling down my thighs. Six hours ago if I wasn’t sure of anything in this world I was sure that there was no other place I’d rather be and no other man that would ever look at me the way he was looking at me.

When I called him and told him I needed to see him everything in my head knew this would be the last time I’d see him. I wasn’t the woman that had two men in her life, I wasn’t the woman that looked both ways to make sure I didn’t recognize anyone when I was meeting him. This had to stop, more then betraying him I was betraying my soul.

“I do love him! This is a mistake…” His eyes were so intense, where my husband was passionate and loving this man was forceful and demanding. When he wanted something he took it and as much as I hated him for being selfish I couldn’t help how damp I got when he looked at me. When I imagined him taking me in a bathroom or a dressing room.

I didn’t owe him an excuse; I came because coming was the right thing to do. He just looked at me, smug and supercilious. His hand found my hand on the table and the electricity was palpable.

“Does he fuck you like me Rocky? Just answer that question for me. Does he fuck you, grab your hair, leave you trembling? Or is he afraid he’ll hurt you? You’re not a FUCKING doll! He doesn’t know what to do with that pussy!”

He was gripping my hand and the more I tried to pull away the harder he gripped. It was two pm in a hotel bar, there was no one else here and we were in a corner booth. He put my finger in his mouth and sucked it. This had been going on for seventy one days now and never had I had both of them inside me on the same day.

Maybe that made my hoeish activity no less hoeish but it was something that bothered me. My husbands cum was still in me and now everything in me wanted to let this man bend me over and put his name on it…

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