Taking Another Man’s Wife Scene IV


“What the hell do you think is going to happen when he asks about the first doctors appointment or morning sickness?! You should have just told him the fucking truth!”

The top floor of the parking garage was empty with the exception of our two cars. The sky was as dark and grey as I felt and his attitude wasn’t any better. No one knew about us, not my sister, not my bestfriend. No one so much as suspected it. I’d went out of my way to keep this between us and the more lies I told the easier they became.

When you lie so much about one man, one affair, you start to believe it. I believed that I was protecting my husband, my marriage, by doing what I did last night.

“You don’t think I know this?! And why in the hell were you calling me at 3:00am!?” He laughed, he loosened his tie and laughed. His smile and dimples used to excite me, now there was something about them that just didn’t seem right. I rubbed the back of my neck and walked to the edge, the Medical Center seemed so small from up here. But my problems didn’t.

Did he want me to get caught? Oh my God! He wanted me to get caught! I turned around and looked at him, waiting for an answer!

“I called you because I’d fucked you so good yesterday that I knew you’d be knocked out so I was hoping your husband would answer the phone and I could tell him that my dick was bigger than his.” There was no humor in his tone, no charm or anger, no emotion. He just said it and I realized he meant it.

This was an escape from reality for me, I wanted a child just as bad as my husband. I wanted the little league games and a mini me to do her hair. We’d traveled and loved in every place you could imagine but a part of me needed to feel young just one more time before I gave up on the men like the asshole that was in front of me.

Rough sex, love/hate grabbing and just fucking was something I needed! It’s hard living up to the expectations of someone who can see no wrong in you. Hair, nails, bras and panties, even when he didn’t mention it I could see him judging me and expecting me to be his perfect wife! So I gave him what he wanted and when he kissed me and went to work I came to this man and broke my vows in the nastiest and freakiest ways possible. And I hated myself because even with the lie about me being pregnant still fresh in my mind all I wanted was for him to bend me over and make me forget about our sins!

When he grabbed my ass and picked me up my skirt came up to my stomach! The concrete was cold and wet on my ass and when his fingers slid inside my panties and wrapped my arms around his neck so I wouldn’t fall! We were ten stories up and the idea that someone could be looking made me cum on his fingers!

He tried to kiss me but I moved my lips, I didn’t want to kiss him today! Kissing was intimate, kissing meant love… I didn’t love this man! I loved how he made me feel, how he felt inside of me! It was thick and long and perfect and it filled every inch of my pussy and God I missed that when I my husband was inside of me! There’s only so much great head can do for you but there is and will never be anything like…

“Ahhhhhhh!” My breasts were hanging over the top of my bra, one was in his mouth and the other in covered in my hand. The harder he sucked the harder he fucked me and the louder I screamed! He pulled me off the ledge, still inside of me and slammed me on the hood of his BMW! My back hit with a thud but he didn’t stop!

My husband would have laid me down and asked if I was alright, he would have looked into my eyes and caressed by face. This man bent me over and grabbed the back of my neck! One leg was on the car and the other was pinned down. He stuck a finger in my asshole and my moan was caught in my throat!

The wet squishy sound let him know I couldn’t fight it! I just couldn’t fight it!

“I hate yoooou! I haaaaate yooou!” He started to go harder and even with the rain falling and my blouse ripped and my hair destroyed I didn’t want him to stop! Going back to work wasn’t an option and going home was even less of an option but I just didn’t want him to stop!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

I could feel him but he was too heavy and holding me down! “No! No!”

He stopped and I knew he came in me. I could feel it and I knew that when I lied to my husband about being pregnant last night I didn’t take my pill this morning…  


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