Taking Another Man’s Wife Scene V


She wanted me to feel bad, she wanted to be the victim, she wanted me to tell her to leave me alone and go home to her sucker ass husband. But why would I do that? Women like Raquel only understand one thing and that’s power.

Letting her know how much I wanted her, how much I needed to feel her and talk to her. That was the quickest way for me to lose her. But treating her like she meant nothing, ignoring calls and fucking her like she was just another whore. That turned her on because that excited her.

Her husband made love to her, he gave her whatever she wanted and took her word for gold. If a woman tells me she’s pregnant in the middle of an argument every antenna I have is going to go up. When she told him he went and took out another life insurance policy on himself and probably started thinking of names.

Could I blame him? Yes and no. If there was ever a woman who’s sexually abilities could make you believe that we lived on the moon instead of earth it’s Rocky. Everything she wore screamed sex, her lips, her hair, her skin, her laugh. From the moment I saw her knew I wanted her and I did everything in my power to make it happen.

The other day in the parking lot on top of my car with the rain falling on us. It was my first time ever being inside of her without a condom and it was the best sex of my LIFE! Choking her, cursing her, slapping her ass. That got me off but I wanted to touch her face and kiss her. When she moved her mouth all that anger came crashing out of me! And the rougher I got, the wetter she got!

He was good enough to kiss, good enough to sleep in bed with but I was just some guy that gave her a ‘break from her boring life.’ She would shower everytime I was inside of her, no matter how many times she would shower afterwards. Lying on the bed, playing with my phone pretending I didn’t know she was washing my smell off of her. Soaping the evidence away. It made me sick to my stomach and it made me hate him! Because I could never hate her!  

Whether she knew it or not she talked about him a lot, ‘He loves when I wear red, he doesn’t beat the pussy up the way you do. I feel like I’m a doll when I’m with him.’ Did he know that she wouldn’t fuck me without a condom but she didn’t have a problem swallowing my cum?

If he didn’t know he was going to learn today! She was pregnant and she didn’t love him! He didn’t deserve her! He went to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday to play basketball after work, that’s when we would meet in whatever parking lot or cheap ass motel. Today I told her I had to go out of town for work but that wasn’t the truth.

Today her husband would find out that the world he thought existed was bullshit! That the woman he thought was perfect was nothing more than my bitch! Sitting in the parking lot, waiting for him to come out I knew this was going to end with one of us getting hurt but I didn’t care. If I had to live with the pain of the woman I loved being touched by another man then he would have to live with that same pain. Whether it was his wife or not!

I was taking another man’s wife and I’ll be damned if he was going to stop me!


Taking Another Man’s Wife coming to Amazon soon…

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