Why Having A Baby Mama Wouldn’t Be So Bad…

Disclaimer: I have no children, I have no women that are currently carrying my child and I believe in protection. These are just some slightly tipsy thoughts from a man that tends to think too much.

 I’ll list five reasons, they may not be the most logical reasons or the sanest but for some reason at this very moment they are making so much sense to me.

Reason Five: I’ll always have her in my life. I’ve said this more times than I care to mention but I love women. I’m one of those guys that falls hard and I see no wrong, no flaws and forgiveness comes as quickly as she smiles or cries. I love hard, it’s why I don’t love often so when I’m with a woman that effects me like that I do think about the day when she’ll no longer be in my life. And if we’re being honest with each other, that day is going to come if we don’t get married. And what are the odds of us getting married?

One in three thousand or some crazy number like that? What’s the one way that I can guarantee she’ll always be in my life… It’s that she has my child, that way I’ll always be connected to her. She’ll always have the most important person in the world to me with her and therefore she’ll always stay important to me.

Reason Four: Marriage, white picket fence, two dogs and family trips. That’s my dream, that’s the American dream but is that locked in stone? I mean, how do I know that’s going to happen? So if I meet a good woman and we click and she’s a good person that would make a good mom, why not have a child with her while we’re young enough to enjoy that child? I know baby mama/baby daddy situations can get crazy and dramatic and seriously flawed but do they have to be that way? If I’m taking care of my child and her and doing what I’m supposed to do, why would she trip? Maybe marriage and this perfect life in my head is overrated.

Reason Three: Vanity… Who doesn’t want a pretty daughter, a handsome son. So if this woman is gorgeous I know my child will be gorgeous, more than likely. I’m not proud of that reason but it’s the truth. I know women that have a child and the child is Gerber baby official. Which means that my son will be just as fly as her daughter and cooler because I’m not bitch made like her first baby daddy.

Reason Two: We can learn to fall in love, learn to have a family. Children have a way of making boys become men, of making girls become women. If I get her pregnant and buy a house, start to run her feet and worry about more than how soft her lips are doesn’t that have to bring us closer together? And with that closeness comes a connection that we can’t fight. I know what I’m saying without actually saying it is that a baby should make us grow and become the couple and family we should. Does it usually happen like that, maybe not… But who knows?

Reason One: I’m worried about being alone. I’m terrified that I won’t be good enough for the women I’ve loved, the truth is I haven’t been good enough so far. One is a doctor that wants me to take over the world, the other is maybe the most sensual and gorgeous woman I’ve ever known and she wants the moon, stars and every designer you can name. The other just wants me to be perfect and I don’t think I can be that man either. So where has that left me? Alone, drinking on a Thursday, writing, my second novel on my desk waiting on me. But me too terrified to read it because I’m afraid it won’t be good enough to where anyone will even want to have my child.

I often wonder if anyone even reads this stuff J

2 thoughts on “Why Having A Baby Mama Wouldn’t Be So Bad…

  1. It’s not a bad thing to have these feelings I’ve thought these similar things. Maybe its because I’ve just turned 26 and I haven’t achieved all that I wanted yet. My friends married and single are parents and I think it makes me think about my future children. Will I be married first or should I just get a baby daddy. I think I’m so intobaby mode because im almost 30. I never usually post ny the way but i felt I should give you proof that you have at least one person who reads your blog daily.
    Chundra 🙂

  2. Mez, people read your thoughts. I find them quite interesting, especially to see things from a man’s POV. I often think about where my life would be if I would’ve made different decisions, but they’ve made me who I am. So don’t get down on yourself, just know your time is coming!!!!! 🙂

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