Getting Chose… How Do You Know?

How do you know when you’re ‘getting chose?’ And I’m sort of serious here. I mean, we all know when its blatantly obvious but for the most part I really have no idea.

And it’s weird because when it comes to women I pride myself on knowing details other men would never notice. On complimenting a nail polish color or the material of a sweater.

All those things come easy to me and so do the smiles that usually accompany them. But what has never come easy is knowing when ‘she’s choosing.’

It could be that I think way to much. It could be that my pride makes me play it safe or… Maybe they’re never choosing. That’s not a thought I wish to dwell on but it’s a possibility.

I constantly hear lame guys talking about how women throw themselves at them or broke guys bragging and that baffles me? Dates, drinks, none of those things are hard to get. But there’s no thirstiness or obvious choosing.

And if there is, how can you tell?

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