Say My Name… Sunday Funday

“Baby, I know cabs in Houston cost a small fortune but I think we both drank enough Mimosas to last a lifetime. I’m thinking with the way this rain is looking we aren’t going to make it back to our side of town in once piece.”

Standing at the edge of the parking garage watching the rain fall, I knew she was right. I could hold my liquor a lot better than she could and even I was wobbly. Feeling her breath on my back that just reminded me that I was traveling with precious cargo. I turned around and caught her lips in mine. I could taste the syrup on her tongue, the rain was shielding us from the street and the parking garage seemed empty.

I pushed her up against a column and ran my hand up her back, sucking her neck. Even with the rain falling I could hear her moaning ‘I love you.’ Her hands on the back of my neck, her fingernails running along the edges of my hair I pulled away and looked her in her eyes. Those sexy drunken eyes. At this moment she could ask me for anything in the world and it would be hers. ‘It’s Sunday baby, lets cut our phones off and get a room. That way we can keep drinking and I even think I feel like dancing.’ There was a Doubletree about a block away, that wouldn’t be too far to drive. This was definitely going to be a Sunday Funday.


The hotel was only a block away but I knew once we got there we weren’t leaving that room until Monday morning and I wasn’t sure if the hotel room service delivered liquor on Sundays. So I stopped by a CVS and grabbed four bottles of wine, a case of beer and a bottle of champagne. I was probably over doing it for just us two but so it was a rain day.

Running to the truck trying to avoid falling I open the door and she has her seat reclined all the way back. Her cell phone hooked up to my radio and Amy Winehouse pumping through the speakers. Her panties sitting on the consol and her hand in-between her legs.

“You are such a drunk.” She noticed all the bags I was throwing in the back seat, the clanking of the bottles. She laughed and reached for a beer. There was something incredibly sexy about a woman holding a bottle of beer.

“And I’m the drunk…” She rubbed her finger across my lips.

“You know you love it boy! You need me to be nasty or else I wouldn’t have your attention.”

I rubbed my eyes trying to stay focused on this five minute drive but the liquor was getting to me and her sitting next to me moaning wasn’t helping.


To be continued…  


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