Late Nights… Early Mornings

“You call my boss and I’ll call yours.” She drank yesterday and most of the night like it was NYE. We both did but it didn’t bother me much. My baby on the other hand…

Her naked body was under the covers, the only thing visible were strands of her hair on the pillow and a couple of pink fingernails reaching for her cell phone.

Looking out the window at the cloudy sky I knew neither one of us was going to work today. She was joking about us calling each others bosses because she wasted no time calling hers. In a matter of seconds she went from groggy and sluggish to professional and serious.

“I’m not coming in today. Push back my two morning meetings to Wednesday morning and forward any important messages to my iPad.”

She threw the phone on the floor and sit up stretching. Maybe it was instinct or lust or just morning wood but seeing her nipples made me climb back in the bed. Every time I touched one and heard her moan I could feel her body transforming.

I swear I knew her body better than I knew my own. The harder I sucked the nipple the more her legs opened. Her body was like a game, you reach one level and the next was even wetter.

“Let me sit on it.” She whispered it like she didn’t want anyone else to hear. Lying flat on my back in the middle of the bed she climbed on top of me. The warmth of her pussy always suprised me.

I closed my eyes and focused on us talking, her smile, her laugh. I focused on everything except her grinding and riding me because if I opened my eyes and looked into hers I would cum in 30 seconds.

To be continued…

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