5 Perfect Dating Tips

You would be crazy to take relationship advice from me. I haven’t had a girlfriend in years so I would even be crazier to give it. But what I can give is dating advice. Because dating is fun and relatively simple. Relationships require trust and hard work and opening yourself up. Dating is the introduction, the appetizer and drinks before the dinner and wine.

So here are five dating tips; mostly geared towards men but they can relate to women also.

5. Flirty Humor beats Serious and Sexual Flirty everyday of the week. Quick quiz… What’s the quickest way to make a woman you’ve recently met uncomfortable? Answer: Look at her like she’s prey and you’re a hungry dog. Women want sex just as much as men but they want us to earn it. Earn their attention, their texts and kisses. So be funny, have laughs at your own expense. The more she laughs and smiles the more her guard comes down. Humor provides a comfort level that’s serious!

4. Stay In Your Lane… If you know you’ve never been to a certain restaurant, don’t make your first time there be with her. If you don’t rock button downs and Sperry’s don’t rock them because you think she likes that. Take her to where your personality will shine. If you love sports, take her to an exciting sporting event and that knowledge on basket ball or boxing and just the atmosphere alone will get her excited because it’s different. Not every man can carry a conversation over dinner and drinks. Be you and be real.

3. Turn your phone off or silence it. Don’t have it on the table vibrating all loud or checking FB every 5 minutes. Let her know for these 2 or 3 hours she’s all you want. The worse look in the world is a woman coming home and seeing you were updating and commenting on stuff.

2. Be Aggressive but Concerned. Ask her what her favorite food is but you pick the restaurant. Ask her what music she likes but you pick the artists. Ask her what side of town she’s on and tailor the date so that it’s in her comfort zone. If she has two glasses of wine, you have two beers. If she suggests a shot, have a shot but don’t push it. Find a balance and roll with it.

1. Cultivate a friendship. If she’s attracted to you it will eventually come out. Don’t push the issue but don’t be too friendly. A hand on her back, a slight touch on her arm. Nothing invading her space but don’t be afraid to be in her space.

Those are my five dating tips for this week. Good luck putting them in action.

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