Dreaming About You…

Good Morning,

To be frank I had a very explicit dream about you last night. It was so real it scared me, it was so real I woke up reaching for my phone to see if you’d contacted me through the night.

In my dream the rain was pouring down and you were in the passenger seat with your eyes closed. Your clothes wet and your skin moist.

“I’m cold baby; cut up the heat.” I swear I could literally taste your nipples with how hard they were in my dreams. I almost didn’t want to cut up the heat because I didn’t want them to go away. You noticed me looking and laughed.

“Really Demez! I’m over here on my death bed and you’re drooling over my nipples?” You covered your chest with your arms and unbuckled your seat belt.

You looked in the back of my truck and saw my clothes from the cleaners. I followed your line of vision and you reached over and kissed me on the cheek and rubbed my thigh.

“I’m really wet, I need to get out of these clothes. You started with your blouse, one button at a time. You threw it in the back seat. Next you raised your ass of the seat and wiggled out of your slacks, threw them in the back seat.

Sitting next to me, goose bumps on your skin, bra and panties fitting you perfectly you put your knees in the seat, turned around and took out one of my freshly starched shirts.

You mouthed, “I’m sorry.” But all I could focus on was the small of your back and the ass that was below it. You started to button the navy blue dress shirt and the rain started to fall harder.

“I don’t feel comfortable wearing this shirt babe. Do you think anyone can see me?” I reached out and rubbed your cheek.

“Between the tint and rain I doubt it.”

I hit my brakes! A dog ran out in front of me. I blew the horn and they fell in my lap. Lacy and black, I can’t really remember the cut. I’m not sure if dreams are that detailed.

“I didn’t feel comfortable because I’m not used to wearing one of your shirts with panties.”

And just like that I woke up, unable to lie on my stomach and unable to grasp why you weren’t lying next to me?

So enjoy your day if you happen to read this. I love you and you’ll love me before this year is up. I’m going to make that happen.

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