Just A Dream

I had a dream about my son last night. He was sitting in my lap on the couch laughing. I can’t tell you what he was laughing at.

What I remember most was how his hair smelled. Like that baby shampoo that all babies should smell like. He was fully dressed and his mom came in the room and picked him up.

She kicked me playfully and said, ‘You’re going to spoil him.’ But what I noticed is that she didn’t put him down. She fussed over his thick curly hair and brushed some cookie crumbs off his clothes. Kissed him on his cheeks.

‘You’re going to make my son a mamas boy!’ She kissed me and he hit my face and started laughing.

She laughed, ‘He doesn’t want you kissin is mama!’ The diaper bag, the purse, her shades. I remember things that I shouldn’t remember. It felt too real to be a dream.

The taste of her lip gloss, the smell of his hair, the sound of their laughs. Am I losing my mind? Or are my dreams just driving me crazy.

The dream ended with them walking out the door and my sitting at a computer. When I woke up I fully expected to look over and see them there. But it was just a dream…

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