12 Play His Pleasure…

For 1-6 I talked about pleasing her. Touching her body, kissing her body, caressing and bringing out that comfort level that turns her into a freak. The whole reason any man should be so giving is because the more you give, the more she’s going to give when the time comes. So 7-12 will be about receiving pleasure from a man’s point of view.

Seven- Female Aggression– There is nothing sexier than a woman that knows what she wants is willing to go for it. This isn’t 1964, being shy isn’t cute. When her hand rubs my thigh or she sticks the tip of her finger in my mouth after she’s touched herself right before she kisses me… Her confidence shouldn’t waiver. Whether she’s in a t-shirt and panties or a negligee and pumps.  I want to look into her eyes and know that she knows her sexual prowess is the truth. It always starts with the vibe.

Eight- Scenery– I’ve never understood this newfound fascination with a woman being completely waxed. If it’s trimmed and fresh what man is going to complain? Foreplay isn’t just physical it’s mostly mental and that starts with what I’m looking at. Thongs and lace panties aren’t necessary. If she’s wearing purple boxers and a tank top I’m going to be just as aroused. Hair excites me, the feel of it on my face while we’re kissing, pulling it aside while I bite her neck. Smelling or lotion or shampoo or perfume. It’s all apart of the scenery, losing myself in her. She’s controlling me with all the things that make her a woman.

Nine- Honesty– Most women have no problem telling you what makes them cum when you’re trying to pleasure them. Lick there, slow down, speed up, less fingers. I’m the same exact way. I appreciate nasty, I appreciate her looking up at me while I’m in her mouth. I appreciate her moans and saliva. One of the most sensitive parts on a woman is that space between her vagina and ass. Light pressure to her anus while working the other pleasure points is golden. It’s not the same with men but I do love the feel of her hands on my stomach or legs while she’s performing. And because when I was pleasing her I was so focused she’ll be just as focused on me getting mines.

Ten- Positions– There are two positions that give me life during sex. And they both have just as much to do with her being in control as they do with my watching her. Seeing a woman bent over a couch or on all fours, her back arched on the bed, her looking back and telling me… ‘It’s yours.’ That feeling of watching her ass jiggle and her push it back. The give and take that comes with that position. It’s glorious! The other is her being on top, looking at me, kissing me. Grabbing my neck and scratching me. I’m very much a fan of roughness. Aggression equals lust. And it’s even better with clothes on, a dress or skirt raised; panties pulled to the side. Breast falling out the top of the bra. Biting her collarbone and telling her how much I’ve missed her, how much I’ve needed this.

Eleven- Pillowtalk– I’ll keep this simple, it’s the moments after the pleasure is over and our bodies are satisfied that we’re sitting in each others arms and just talking. It could be about life, about love, about anything. It’s quality time. Pillow talk is the difference between fucking and making love.  

Twelve- Virtual Stimulation– That text that comes later that night or the next morning. A smiley face, something more vivid, it doesn’t matter because they all mean the same. I’m glowing today because you did your thing!

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