Paying For His Sins…

“You do know what I’m going to do to you when I get out of these restraints.” He was smiling but I could tell he was pissed off. He’d drank a pint of Hennessy and the vicodon I’d put in his sandwich probably had something to do with it also. The red and purple silk scarves tied around his wrist were in perfect knots.

His phone was sitting on his chest, I was sitting on his groin. A pair of panties on and a tank top. The gun was heavy in my hand, his eyes weren’t big but I could see the fear that he was trying so hard not to show.

“You’re not leaving me Demez.” My voice was calm, I’d read all the text, seen all the pictures. In my mind I knew he’d already checked out of our relationship but in my heart I knew he wouldn’t leave this room alive. Neither one of us would.

“TAKE OFF THESE FUCKING SCARVES!!!!” He hated not being in control, he hated feeling vulnerable. Two years of loving him, wanting him, waiting on him to do right by me and now he was just going to leave?! Just going to pretend I never existed?! Fuck that. I rubbed the barrel of the gun across his chest, across his cheek. I could feel his heart beating when I placed the palm of my hand on his chest.

“Do you love me author? Do you still think about me when you write your books?” He closed his eyes and I tear fell from the side of his face; he knew I’d read the text. He knew I’d made up my mind that he had to pay for his betrayal. I rubbed my finger along my nipple and placed it in his mouth.

“Can you taste me Mez? Do I still taste the same?” I stood up over him, the wetness dripping down my thighs. I stepped out of my panties and threw them on the hardwood floor, he closed his eyes while I played with myself. Sitting down, my wetness on his chest, I leaned in and bit his lip as hard as I could. When I tasted the blood I pulled back.

“Why won’t you kiss me back Mez?! My kisses still make you hard don’t they?” Reaching around me and pulling him out of his boxers he was aroused, I held it in my hand and rubbed around the tip. He liked when I rubbed around the tip.

“Untie me baby… let me make love to you.” I laughed, I slapped him in the face twice and laughed. My heart was beating out of my chest and my eyes were burning from the laughter. Why would I care about this lying bastard making love to me?

Sitting on his face, pushing down I wanted him to drown, to choke on my juices. I could feel his tongue inside of me, vibrating, pulsating… each orgasm was reminding me of why I loved and hated him at the same time. The currents shooting through my body, the way his lips felt on my clit! The harder I came the harder I pushed down on his face.

“Eat it! Eat it! Choke on it bitch! I hate you! I hate you! I haaaaaate yoooooou! Uggggggghhhhhh!” My body was trembling and even tough I’d come I was still sitting on his face. Playing in his hair, rubbing his eye brows. I wanted to back up and sit on his dick, feel it inside of me. But I could never have him inside of me again.

Getting off his face, sliding off the bed, I went to the kitchen and grabbed the gasoline from under the cabinet where I’d hid it. Coming back, his eyes were huge, he begged and pleaded for me to stop pouring the fuel over the bed and his body but it was too late. If I couldn’t have him no one would. Lighting the match and throwing it on the floor the room went into flames at once, the more he kicked and screamed and tried to rip his wrists lose the tighter the restraints became. “I love you Mezzy.” I kissed him on the lips, tasting my juices for the last time. I put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger. Falling along side him on the bed. We would die together, side by side, lovers and sinners at the same damn time.

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