My Sins…

My mouth was dry and no matter how much I’d drank before I could never remember being this tired. My head hurt so bad it hurt to open my eyes but when I moved my hands to rub them they wouldn’t move. I yawned and tried again but this time I could feel them pull.

“What the hell!?” When my eyes opened she was sitting on top of me, her hair falling over her shoulders, her nipples hard. A smile on her face, at the sight of her straddling me I could feel myself getting hard. Even though I felt like shit I knew if my hands were tied up it was because she wanted to be in control tonight.

My headache didn’t hurt so much anymore, my mouth wasn’t as dry.



My phone was vibrating on my chest, I looked down and saw her face. Her face?! Her face?! What… I would never put her face in my phone, did she do it. Fuck! Ariel… I looked up and she was still straddling me, still smiling. Rubbing her nipple and reaching on the side of me for something. If she wasn’t going to notice it, I wasn’t going to say anything.

My heart dropped to my stomach.

She was holding my thirty two, I’d taken her to the range plenty of times but at this range she couldn’t miss if she wanted to. The words came to me quick, in my mind I knew what to say to explain whatever she’d found out but the look in her eyes told me she knew everything.

“Lie… Lie… So I can put a bullet in your bitch ass.” If she would have screamed it or yelled it or cried and slapped me I would have been more comfortable. But she was too damn calm, to focused. She rubbed the barrel of the gun on her nipple and rubbed it across my lips. The steel was cold but I wouldn’t let her see me afraid though I knew my eyes were betraying me.

“Ask me to shoot you Demez. Ask me to put a bullet in you. I promise you, you want me to shoot you.” She cocked back the hammer and I closed my eyes.

“ARGGHHHH!!!” I screamed out when she hit me in my face with the gun, I could feel the blood coming down my face. But she never lost her calm, she never stopped straddling me.

“Please baby let us talk about this! I’m not worth going to jail over! I’m sorry for what I did, for not telling you the truth! I’m sorry! Fuck! I’m sorry! I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die!”

She reached back and started to play with the head of my dick, as much as I didn’t want it to feel good all I could think was that this might be the last time I ever feel a hand, her hand on me. Would she kill me? An hour ago, a day ago, a week ago I wouldn’t even consider it but the way she looked today I just didn’t know.

Standing up, she pulled off her panties and threw them on the floor. She held the gun in one hand and spread the lips of her vagina with the other, I want you to eat me baby. I want you to be my bitch! Maybe if you make me cum I won’t shot you.”

I pulled at whatever was holding my wrists but they were too tight and I was still weak. This was more than a hangover. But if making her cum was going to save my life… Fine!

Drake was playing in the background, it was loud… really loud. A part of me felt like it was that loud to muffle gun shots. She sat down on my face, her wetness surprised me, the amount of force she was grinding my mouth with surprised me. It was hard without my fingers to stimulate her but I worked my tongue the best I could, catching her clit with my lips I sucked and bit soft with those lips. Licking and sucking and moving fast and then slow. I could hear her moaning, cursing, I could feel her thighs tightening on my ears.

She was cumming and she was cumming hard! I could feel her juices flood my mouth and almost choke me but there was nothing I could do but breathe out of my nose. She backed up and looked back at my dick.

“I want to ride you so bad baby but I don’t want that thing in me ever again!” She kissed me and licked her cum off my chin. She bit me so hard I could feel her saliva mixing with my blood.

“I saw the pictures, it’s going to be a boy huh? You were going to leave me for her? For your new family? I made you! I fucking made you bitch! When you didn’t think you could do it, I was there! When you quit your job to travel and write! I took care of HOOOOME!!!! YOU’LL NEVER SEE THAT BASTARD OR THAT WHORE AGAIN!”

The gun fell on the bed inches away from my head but I couldn’t reach it. She walked out the room, I was afraid for more than me now. I was afraid for her… The music got louder in the room.

Since you pick up I know he’s not around… I’m just sayin you can do better, tell me have you heard that lately.  

When she walked in with the gas can I lost all my strength, all my charm, all reason that she would let me go. Her words echoed in my mind, “If you make me cum I want shoot you.” I made her cum and now she was splashing gasoline all over the floor and the bed and the walls and finally on me! I closed my eyes when it landed on my face, it burned so bad on the cuts on my face!


She just smiled at me and lit a match, throwing it towards the door and the flames caught instantly. She threw it towards the door… the door?! She kissed me again.


The gun was in her hand, she looked at me with tears in her eyes. I sent her an email while you were sleep. I told her that bastard in her belly would grow up without a father; I gave up too much for you Mez. I love babe, I’ll see you in hell.” She pulled the trigger and her blood went everywhere!


The more I screamed and looked at her lifeless face looking up at me the more I regretted nothing. I closed my eyes and prayed right before the flames caught the bed spread. If I’d die tonight I’d die praying that God forgive my wife and bless my child.

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