At The Same Damn Time… Consenting Adults

“Puttin on makeup, updatin my Facebook at the same damn time. Gettin ready to see the Lakers lose and get drunk at the same damn time! Ayeeee” She was standing in the bathroom mirror, the trendy song of the hour blasting through the Bose speakers in the living room.

If any one of her associates at her firm could see her now. No bra, no panties, one of my old dress shirts on, to buttons holding those c-cups in place. A half drunken Corona on the sink, curlers in her hand.

They were down 0-2 and she wasn’t going to let me forget about it.

“Watchin Kobe shoot bricks and Bynum pout at the same damn time!” She sat the curlers down and walked into the bedroom laughing like her raps were the funniest thing ever. I was a sore loser and we were playing for high stakes.

If I lose we have to go to the dealership and I put a down payment on her a new car. If I win I get to record us having sex in and around the hot tub in the back yard.

So needless to say her rap was pissing me off but the way her thighs were looking in the shirt and even with half curled hair she had me standing at attention.

“Stop pouting baaaby… Come here, let mama kiss it and make it better.” My resolve was weakening. She got in the bed and got behind me on her knees. With the Crown Black warming my body and the feel of her hands on my chest how the hell was I supposed to be mad?

“Kissing my mans ear and rubbin his dick at the same damn time. Being wet and ready to fuck at the same damn time!” The song changed but the new lyrics she was whispering in my ear deserved a fucking Grammy!

I turned around and she stood up on the bed. I was eye level with my best friend. She tore the shirt open and the two buttons popped.

I’d buy a new shirt.

I could never get tired of seeing her naked, half curled hair and all. “You do know if I let you get this pussy we’ll miss the first half of the Lakers losing right?” She backed away from me and started laughing.

I jumped on the bed and she jumped down and started running. She was screaming running down the hallway! “You have to catch what you want to eat around here!!!”

It was no easy task running through a house in the dark drunk with a hard dick but I caught her and we fell to the floor. The hardwood was cold on her back, I could see the goosebumps so I caught her left nipple in my mouth.

“Baaaby, put it inside of me. I’m coooold.” With every word she bit my lip and licked my tongue. I loved kissing her.

When I pulled my pajama pants down she grabbed my ass and pushed down. It was incredibly wet, incredibly warm.

Fuck the Lakers tonight!

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