(Walking Down the Aisle II) Till Death Do Us Part… A Letter Between Lovers

Dear Jacob,

I miss you babes, I miss you more than you can ever know. I haven’t slept an entire night or eaten an entire meal since you were shot. There are nights I wake up screaming, reaching for you only to touch the spot where your body use to lay.

I regret all the years I wasted being your friend when we could have been so much more! To know you is to love you, your smile made my life worthwhile. I started my company because you pushed me to start it. I stayed in Houston instead of going home because you told me I would regret it the rest of my life if I left.

You even stayed by me when I chose Terrence over you. All those years we were friends I wasn’t blind Jake, I saw the way you looked at me, the way you were always there when I called. The dates you left to come save me, the money you spent when you knew I didn’t have it. I loved you for all of that way before I ever loved you like a woman should love a man. But I have to say goodbye today, not goodbye to you because you will always be in my heart but goodbye to this hospital and this constant agony.

You’re a good man and you know I’ll wait forever for you to wake up. In my heart I know you’ll wake up. But sitting here waiting is killing me Jake, it’s killing my business, my family, my health. So I need to get back to living my life so that when you do wake up we won’t be homeless. For the past year you’ve been such a big part of my world and I forgot what life was like before you.

This isn’t goodbye baby, this is goodbye for now. I need to get myself better so that when you wake up I’ll be ready to take care of you for once. Whatever is keeping you in this coma, fight it! You have a son Jake, you have a woman that needs you. We all need you… We all love you.

Love Always and Forever,


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