‘What Are You Cooking Me For Breakfast?’

I have this theory or I should say it’s more of a feeling. It goes something like this… I know I’m in the presence of a great woman when one of three things happen.

A) We’re at dinner and she looks me in my eyes, sips her drink and asks, “What are you cooking me for breakfast?”

B) We’re riding in the truck, she leans over while we’re at a light and kisses me. Nothing too freaky but just enough to let me know she’s enjoying herself.

C) She reads my writing and gives honest feedback. There’s a lot of women that read but I need her to be the biggest groupie behind closed doors.

See I believe in expectations. I hate the idea of expecting the worse and hoping for the best. That’s a 2nd place mentality and it’s not welcome in my world. In my world I expect to be better than your ex, to love you harder, show growth. And I expect you to not make the same mistakes you made with him and to hold me to standards you’ve never held a man to. We’ll be better people together!

The cover picture to this blog post is a couple that’s expecting. She has to have twins in that belly but it’s a good look none the less.

I’m aware that pregnancy is some hard shit and probably not as glowing of an experience as I romanticize it to be but so what 🙂

I’ve spent the last ten years of my life being careful and sewing wild oats so that my first child will be with my wife. My first visit to the doctor with her.




I hope you all enjoy Memorial Day Weekend!

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