Bad Dreams… Warm Smiles

“I had a bad dream.”

With the time change the sun was up when our alarms clocks were going off, that was still taking some getting used to. So the fact that it was still dark outside let me know it was incredibly early. She was sitting at her vanity doing her touching up her nails, the only light was the recess that hung over the station.

She walked back to the bed, bra and panties on, her silk robe open.


I couldn’t sleep, I had a bad dream.”

I was still half asleep myself trying to adjust to the light, trying to shake the cobwebs. She looked showered and fresh so I’m thinking she’s been up for awhile. I sat up, the cold hitting my bear chest.

“Come here.” She just stood there looking sad, I moved the covers and stood up to stretch. I couldn’t tell if I was hard because it was morning or because of the way she was looking in the morning but this wasn’t the morning for that.

“I know you’re still half sleep, get some rest before you have to get up.” She knew I was up now.

“Come here girl and sit down.” I patted the side of the bed, the sat down. I got on my knees in front of her. Kissed her knee and placed my head in her lap. She rubbed my hair and for a minute we sat just like that.

“Tell me about the dream.”

There was a comfort in sitting with her, a comfort in just listening. A piece of mind that came with touching her.

“I had a dream you didn’t come home.” I smiled, she couldn’t see it but she hit me none the less.

“Shut up! I’m serious. I cooked dinner and I put on that dress you love and I waited and waited and you never walked thru the door. I called you, I sent text, I called your office. And I just waited and waited. I know this sounds silly but I felt like you were dead, it felt so real baby.”

I wasn’t laughing anymore, she was a lot of things but she wasn’t easily shook. I looked up and she was crying, not hard tears but tears none the less. I wiped one way but let the others fall, I kissed them and then I kissed her.

A light kiss on the lips.

“I’m not going anywhere, you should know that by now. I’m happy and I hope you’re happy. I love you and sometimes bad dreams just have a way of creeping us out. The next time you have one, just wake me up.”

She kissed me on the forehead, “You were sleeping so peacefully, when I tried to get out of bed you wouldn’t let me go. At first I thought you were playing around but when I looked back you were sound asleep holding on to me.”

I stood up at the sound of our alarm clocks going off, “that should tell you all you need to know then. If I’m not going to let you go in my sleep, why would I let you go in reality? I’m going to take a shower, you coming?”

“Of course I’m coming, I need you to get my mind off this dream. And I love you too!”

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