Why Happy Hours Make Life Great…

I love many things in life and to name them all would take me a thousand blogs and a thousand blackberry batteries (And yes I’m still faithful to my blackberry old technology and all). But what gives me life more than anything, especially in the summer is Happy Hour!

Now the name is a tad bit misleading because it’s more like 3 or 4 hours but the spirit is the same. Cheap drinks, bar food or small bites and those couple hours after work when you can calm your nerves.

The concept of Happy Hour makes perfect sense when you think about it. The stresses of the day have a way of soaking in your skin and just sitting there. That first cold drink, the condensation on the glass, it’s just a good feeling.

Now… Add to that being there with a beautiful woman. Her in a pencil skirt, a couple buttons on her blouse unbuttoned. Her smile getting brighter the further removed she is from her office. That’s a look I live for.

2012 hasn’t been everything I’d hoped for but it’s been a good year none the less. And Happy Hours make it that much sweeter.

So I’m going to go to Happy Hour today; no beautiful woman to keep me company but that’s coming soon enough!

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