Writing and Morning Motivation….

I wasn’t a coffee drinker, no matter how much cream or sugar I put in it I just couldn’t get with the taste. Her on the other hand, standing at my office door, a blanket wrapped around her naked body. The smoking mug in her hands like it was freezing outside instead of eighty five. This was our ritual, me up before the sun writing. No music playing, blackberry off, just the sounds of my fingertips hitting the keyboard.

“You do know how much I hate waking up to an empty bed right? It’s not like I’m over here every night, you could make an exception once or twice a week.”

I didn’t have to look back to know she wasn’t serious, I could hear the joking in her voice. She walked over and sat the mug on my mousepad. I could smell and feel the heat and moistness from her skin, she must have just gotten out the shower.

Sitting on my lap, she adjusted the blanket so that it was covering both of us. She was cradled in my lap like a child, her legs and thighs falling over my very worn suede swivel chair. Her lips found the nook of my neck and I could smell the coffee beans that were soaked in her tongue.

“You know I’m having a very hard time writing with your tongue on my neck.”

Her body shifted again, this time her chest was facing mine. Her mouth moved down and found my nipple, her hand reached inside my striped pajama bottoms and found the head of my dick. I loved the fact that she wasn’t playful, didn’t giggle or laugh. It was all focus, all lust in her eyes.

“I just started a new position, I don’t have time for these marathons you like to run. I need you to cum rather quickly this morning and if you can do that… I can promise you I’ll swallow every drop after work. Can you do that?”

When she put it inside all typing ceased and it took me a minute to gather myself because the feeling of bliss was the same every damn time.

“I don’t…. ummmmm…. I don’t know if that’s possible because between last night and this morning I doubt I have a drop left.” Gripping her hips, her body sweaty from the shower and the humidity coming from the open window in my office.

“I’m pretty positive we’ll manage to get a drop or two out of you this morning and this evening, he’s a trooper, he’s standing tall now isn’t he and from what I can tall, he’s at full attention.” She leaned in and bit my lip, gave me a mock salute.

I reached around and played with her ass while she started to grind harder. “I’m cumming baby, just stay…. Just….. just…. Cum with me please! Please!”

And like that I could feel the eruption building, the sweat falling from my hairline, the glow on her face. The smell of coffee replaced with the smell of sensuality. She stood up, my babies leaking down her thigh. My pants ruined, my energy sapped, her energy on a thousand.

“Asshole! I’m going to need another shower now. I’ll call you when I make it to work.” She smiled and fast walked out the room, her ass bouncing and my dick wanting to chase her to that shower but I pushed him down and told him to chill.

This was a weekday and morning sex was only good once a day. After that it was call into work sex.

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