Why A Good Woman Upgrades You…

President Obama’s approval rating goes up 25-30% every time he’s photo’d with his wife.

President Clinton wouldn’t have been re-elected if his wife would have left him after he cheated on her in the oval office.

Jay Z was a rapper, a thug, a guy… Before he married Beyonce, after her he gets interviewed by Oprah, Barbara Walters and gets a part ownership in the Nets.

These are just household names; I can name a dozen other men whose careers sky rocketed after they were attached to the right woman. Whose lives went from good to great from the stability she provided.

This is the thing, women are more than just sexual conquests, women are more than wives or potential mothers. Women are the batteries to the car, they’re the compressor to the AC unit, women are the bottle opener to the four hundred dollar bottle of wine. No matter how expensive or well put together something is there has to be a trigger for it. A spark that ignites it. Women are that spark for us.

Of course the fit has to work and they’ll be a lot that just don’t but when you find one that does the world opens up to you. I’ve told this story before but I don’t think I’ve given her the credit she deserves. I started writing, really writing, because of a woman. Because she looked me in my eyes and told me I could do it.

It’s true that you have to believe in yourself, I get the two thousand times I’ve heard or read that. But understand this and understand it clearly! There is not a better or bigger feeling in the world as a man than knowing a woman you love or want or care about believes in you. It not only changes you but it gives you life!

Men have went from cubicles to board rooms because a woman put him in a better suit and told him to take his boss to lunch. Men have written some of the greatest songs you’ll ever hear because a woman smiled and made love to him like it was their last night on earth.

Do you think I write about women so much because there’s a shortage of other topics? I write about women so much because I’m good at everything else in life. I’m smart, I’m logical, I’m a leader. And none of that matters when you’re dealing with fate. Because having that connection where you meet a woman that takes you from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds is fate.

Having that woman that sits you down and tells you what you’re doing wrong while smiling and being reassuring. That doesn’t grow on trees.

I’m a good writer now, I’ll be a great writer once I get that woman in my life that upgrades me.

Congrats to all the men out there that have that, you’re blessed. Don’t mess it up.

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