When She Cries…

Seeing tears in her eyes is the closest I’ve ever come to death.
Seeing tears in her eyes exasperates and escalates my every breath.

The hurt on her face, the red in her eyes.
Looking across the room, her watery eyes tell no lies.

Whomever has hurt her, whomever has brought her to this point…
They’ll pay for it.
They. Will. Pay For It.

Feeling her body shiver in my arms.
My warmth doing very little to calm.
My heart breaks with each tear drop.

‘When you cry, I cry, we cry together.’
The tone offkey, my attempts at making her smile lowkey. Her smile…

The missing key.

My heart is black, revenge clouding my every thought.
I pull away, she pulls me closer.
‘If you do this you’ll get caught!’

Her tears drove me to this.
Her love drove me to this.
She’s my everything so I have no choice in this…

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