Three Friday the 13th Date Nights

This picture really has nothing to do with the title of the blog but I figure every marriage started with really great date nights.

So we’ll go with that concept.

Date Night One

A 15 or 20 dollar bottle of vodka, 15 or 20 dollars worth of groceries. Stuff to make tacos and ice cream. Make sure to get her favorite and something sweet and fruity to mix the vodka with. Some fresh raspberries or strawberries to mix into the drink, it adds flavor and style. She’ll appreciate it. Light some candles, go on On Demand or Netflix and watch scary movies cuddled on the couch. It’ll be a great night, fear escalates the heart rate, fast beating hearts produce passion. Not to mention old movies bring back fond memories of our youth.

Date Night Two

Richard Perry will be at Fedora Lounge tonight. He plays modern jazz, basically R&B songs on a saxophone. The rain outside, drinks flowing and a live band setting it off. She’s been in the house all week because of the weather. Wearing ugly shoes as to not fall n her heels. Let her get sexy, drop her off at the door and park the car. Saxophones are just sexy instruments and love songs scream (car sex) so enjoy the night, enjoy being an adult.

Date Night Three

Go to the gym together. Help each other stretch, jog together, sweat together. Stop by Subway on the way home. Play domino’s or cards or monopoly and just be competitive and listen to music. Be kids, cheat, play fight.

Any of these will work on the city of Astronauts and Candy Paint 🙂 I need to get back to work now, be careful out there today. And remember, there’s someone out there thinking about you right now.

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