I Want You To Be My Wife…

Dear ……,

 I don’t want a girlfriend.

I don’t want to creep when your man is tripping.

I don’t want to date for a year or two and wonder when the time will be right.

I want to take you in my arms, hug you tight and let you know that I’m not going anywhere. I want to kiss you when you’re having a bad day, I want to listen to you curse out your boss and co-worker and worrisome friend in the passenger seat so you can get it off your chest.

My entire life I’ve used my head, I’ve used my pride. I’ve never taken chances because in my world taking chances was a sign of weakness, weakness isn’t a trait that men are supposed to carry. And now I’ve realized it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of desire.

The desire to be more to you than just another man, the desire to let you know that you’re worth calling, texting, writing about, seeing, that you’re worth more than I can ever give in ten lifetimes. I don’t know where I got some of my thoughts and ideas from but I do know I’ve learned to do better because of you and I’ll keep doing better because of you.

If you only knew the effect you had on me, on my thoughts, my happiness, then I’m positive you’d charge me a fortune. I’m positive you’d wonder if I’d been smoking.

You’ll be my wife one day, I don’t have much doubt about that. But until that time comes I’m just going to enjoy the journey.

Love Always and Forever,


Demez F. White  


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