Monday Morning Sin…

“We can’t keep doing this.”

Her mouth was saying one thing but her body was saying another.

“This is wrong, this. Is. So. Wrong.”

The birds were chirping, the traffic was zooming by, we were hidden in broad daylight. For most people it was Monday, the worst day of the week, the longest day of the week. For us it was something different, something more or less depending on who you asked.

We both had a lot to lose if we got caught, 45 was an entrance ramp away, the tollway was a u-turn away. Our homes, money and king size beds weren’t available, the time wasn’t available. She had a family to get home too and I had a woman that I woke up to.

So every Monday we’d meet at this dead end marker, a place under the bridge that was our own little Utopia. This was out of HPD’s district, there were no homes back here and the Constables were more concerned about writing tickets and catching kids skipping school.

“I can’t take it! Put it in, hurry up! Hurry up!”

The backdoor open, her legs in the air, her skirt pushed up to her stomach. I pushed myself inside of her.  We’d made love a hundred times before in another life but this morning wasn’t that. This morning was hunger, lust, fucking.

Biting down just enough not to leave marks I pushed harder and harder. She didn’t have to tell me she still slept with him, I just knew it. He was her husband. But I wanted her to go home with my seeds inside of her. I wanted me to be on her mind when they cuddled or made love at night.

Just as soon as it started it was over. Her breathing erratic, her mouth finding mind, her kisses letting me know this was more than two consenting adults committing sin.   

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